News From Mrs. Jose's Room

October 12-18th

Friday's Field Trip Update

  • Please pack your student a disposable lunch. Be sure not to pack any plastic tupperware or use a nice lunch box (everything will be thrown away)!
  • Wear your red CRES shirt given to you by our fabulous PTO!

We will be leaving school at 9:10. Please make sure your child is here by 9am.

We will be going to the Statehouse and the Indiana War Memorial

Statehouse – This tour is 90 minutes in length and combines building and state history, architectural information with the workings of state government. The group will visit an example of an office in each branch of government. If schedules permit, an elected official may address the group. Depending on the Court schedule, the group will be allowed to see the Supreme Court Chamber. The House and Senate Chambers will also be viewed, either from the floors of the Chambers themselves or from the visitors' galleries.

Indiana War Memorial – This 60-minute tour takes students through the military museum that portrays the history of Indiana's gallant veterans from the Battle of Tippecanoe, through the several wars in which we have been engaged, to the present. Students will learn about Indiana’s involvement in these different wars.

What will you find us doing this week and next week?


After reviewing our multiplication strategies we began working on harder multiplication problems. We are learning about the standard and expanded algorithm as well as breaking apart to multiply. Students are coming up with really neat ways to make meaning of multiplication and we are still using arrays, repeated addition, and grouping to explain our thinking about multiplying.


Each student has chosen a chapter book with a strong main character. We are gathering as much information as we can about our characters to make a "character bag." We will finish our projects next week and share them with the class.

Social Studies

This week we are studying and creating projects about the Fur Trade and Early Voyagers in Indiana.

Reminders and Events

  • Friday October 16th Class Field Trip
  • October 12th -21st Conferences
  • October 22nd and 23rd Fall Break
  • October 20th Picture Retakes

Inter-State will be at Cumberland Road Elementary next Tuesday, Oct. 20th for make-up pictures. The photographer will arrive around 8:00. The order code for parents to Pre-Order online is 03713H at Students who want their picture retaken should have their complete package with them to turn back in to the photographer. Anyone who missed the first picture day should have their picture taken for yearbook. Please let Mrs. Jose know if you need a flyer and paper form from the office.