Race, Bump, Win

Gokarts brought back!


Tyler Plaunt and Easton Mayhew

Goods and Services

Entertainment for the whole family! Are gokarts getting too boring for your kids and are you bored going on them yourself? These state of the art gokarts bring excitement back to the mini car world with bumping and speed combined to make an amazing experience. It brings laughter to everyone and you will remember it for a long time.

Open on Wednesday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Community Needs Met

Our business will improve the community by bringing fun and laughter to all ages with an exciting experience. It will also be something cheap and fun to do with the whole family, or alone if you prefer.

Recorces Needed

  • gokarts with bars and padding
  • helmets
  • gas
  • large land area
  • rubber rails
  • cement
  • employees (accounting, manager, track supervisors, mechanic for gokarts)
  • cash register
  • flag
  • paint (for track, building, karts)
  • building for ticket sales and bathroom
  • tickets
  • sinks and toilets

Financial Capital

We should be financed by the community because it is a place that people can go to enjoy themselves that's right for the whole family, which is lacking in our community today, especially in the Plainfield area which we are planning to build in. It is also not an expensive place to go, so families and individuals of all social statuses can enjoy themselves here

Projected Employment

We plan on hiring 15 people to our staff, which will be 10 part time or full time workers that will have little to no experience and will be paid minimum wage to supervise the track, two mechanics that are experienced with cars and buggies that will be paid 15 dollars an hour working full time, a manager and assistant manager with at least a little job experience and will be paid 15 and 20 dollars an hour respectively also working full time, and an accountant working full time at about 15 dollars an hour full time.

Target Market

Our target market is for the lower class families who want something fun to do that they can all do together and for teens who want something to do as well. It's not be gender specific and will be allowed for all ages, but only individuals 4'8" and above will be able to drive. Others will have to ride in one of the double karts with an individual 18 years of age or over and above 4'8".