Just Do It, Slaves!

Nike Sweatshops

Nikes solgan 'Just Do It' applies to human trafficking also. Human trafficking in Nike's sweatshop factory which is in Malaysia. Nike used workers in Malaysia, they are Bangladasian workers being used as slaves to make money, they made people work at the factory without a passport and sign 3 year contracts in language that they dont understand. They have to pay back their debt at a little wage which is nearly impossible to do. Conditions are horrible, men and women are seperated in living areas. Which causes them to end up being concidered slaves but in a covered up way. Nike isn't the only ones doing this we just aren't informed of how many other sweatshops there are.
JUST DO IT, SLAVES! Human trafficking in Nike's sweatshop factory in Malaysia

Against Human Trafficking

There are thousands of different groups that are for preventing Human Trafficking around the world. Network Against Human Trafficking is an Iowan group they hold meetings through out the year to help spread the word and make people some aware that it can happen here in our little farm state. Polaris Project is one of the bigger and more known organizations who are involved in preventing human trafficking through out the country, they also have a number which you can call their own Trafficking Hotline, in case you see someone commiting it or yourself need help to get out.

Minh Dang, Survivor of Human Trafficking from San Jose on NBC Bay Area

Minhs father was selling her for sex by taking her to bars at the age of ten but the abuse had started when she was about two years old. He would do sexual things to her saying that he was prepping her for what he had in store next which was using her as a prositute. Human Trafficking can happen in your own house, it is endless when it comes to what is considered human trafficking and who it can happen to. It took her many years to come out and tell her story to the world, people are afriad of being open so it seems like it doesn't happen so often. Our society as a whole kind of looks past these issues because they don't see it as a threat.