Enjoy Mexico's warm tropical climate

Say goodbye to the cold and study without worry of the winter's wrath. Mexico's coastal areas receive 39-118 inches of rainfall per year.

Try one of Mexico's many corn-based dishes

Corn is found in many of Mexico's dishes. These dishes often have a particular mole, or spice in them that improves taste. One popular mole is the mole poblano.

Celebrate Mexico's holidays

Cinco de Mayo, the Zihuatanejo Sail Fest, Fiesta de San Antonio de Abad, and La Guelaguetza are just a few of Mexico's many holidays.

-Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's separation from Spain in 1821

-The Zihuatanejo Sail Fest raises money for poor children

-Fiesta de San Antonio de Abad honors St. Anthony

-La Guelaguetza celebrates Mexico's past

What's Wrong With the Place

-Mexico's government and police force are corrupt and subject to bribery

-Mexico's major cities are heavily polluted

-Cooperation with the police is punished by drug traffickers

Compatibility with the United States

Mexico's corrupt government, heavy pollution, and warmer climate lower Mexico's score, but its similarity in modernization to the United States keep it at a B-.