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Athletics For Everyone

This year I played football and baseaball for the ye ole Oracles. I feel that my experience was fairly good as a freshmen that got plenty of varsity minutes for football and some for baseball as well. My thoughts are that if I had a good first year experience, the following years can really only get better. Anyone thinking about playing sports in high I would advise it thoroughly. This instills great cahracter and acceptance.

Sports can be for everybody. Hard work and determination is a great trait to have. Sports can help some with their problems and help you escape for awhile. Sports are a great activity to help you get mentally and physically stronger. They can become a great aspect of your life.

Planning the Summer

This summer I plan to plan baseball until the end of June. I like baseball enough to play it pretty much all summer. Wooden bat league as it is called will be almost all June. I'm actually excited to play summer league. It should be great, and I obviously plan to hit the pools and such.

Football should be happening at about the time though. Which is good and bad at the same time I suppose. I like football a lot as well but don't if I'm ready for the end of baseball quite yet. I appreciate both sports but can't wait for some free time. I also plan to spend a lot of time with my friend and cousins this summer. It should be very fun.

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Personal Preferences

I like sports and food a lot. Therefore there are some things I appreciate more than others. Especially in these categories. Here's some things I really appreciate.

Foods I'd say a nice sirloin and crab mac and cheese is the number 1. My favorite teams are the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Clippers. My favorite musical artist would be CTR and Drake. My favorite shoes are Jordans and Nike both retro or basic. My favorite comedian is Daniel Tosh.

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Travel Destinations

I love traveling to new places. I have traveled a fair amount in my life I believe. There are many places you should definitely see.

I recommend Ft. Myers, Fl. This has a lovely beach and plenty of hotel accomodation. I also recommend San Antonio, TX. There is an amazing riverwalk and lots of different, diverse culture and food. Both places are great.

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Seasonal Enjoyment

I enjoy the fall. It is nearly perfect for me. I like it chilly but not cold. I definitely appreciate the weather and that I can wear some pants and a hoodie and it is perfect. There is nothing better.

It is also very beautiful that time of year. The leaves are changing color and nature looks great. Fall in my opinion is the best season there is because it is perfect for me. All in all autumn and summer are the reasons I live.

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