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October 9


Stronger Together

‘Improvement in schools has as much to do with the relationships as it does with the goodness of the improvement efforts. Relationships open the door to improvement and sustain work when the inevitable problems and missteps occur.” Joseph Murphy

"A positive school climate is the most important thing in a school to be able to do the things we need to do in schools." Alvin Wilbanks

Workday - Monday, October 12

8:00 Faculty Meeting

9:00 Climatologists Activity in the Gym

10:00-10:45 Support Report Card Mtg-Lab 1 (optional)

9:30-11:00 CPR Recertification (for First Responders)

12:00 Lunch for staff from Pollo Tropical

1:30 PBIS Committee Meeting

1:30 Innovators Meeting-Lab 1

Data Meetings

We will meet in the Data Room during planning on Tuesday, October 13 for our quarterly Data Talks. Please bring the most current F&P levels for your students and your laptops. We will post student F&P levels on our bulls eyes and pull reports from SchoolNet on our most current DA data.

MCHS Cluster Coat Drive

The Mill Creek cluster is hosting a coat drive this month. Please consider donating any gently used coats. All of the donations will benefit the Gwinnett homeless/children's shelter. Bins for the coat collection will be placed in the front lobby.

Book Character Dress Up Day

We will continue our traditional Book Character Dress Up Day on Friday, October 30. Students at Duncan Creek are allowed to wear a costume as long as it represents a character from a book or a historical figure. The ticket to wearing a costume is to complete a written assignment from the book. The teacher will determine the assignment.

Some guidelines for costumes are:

-no masks

-no weapons

-no all over face paint

-no dyed hair

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat in their mailboxes. Email Carrie with your answer.

What is the largest state in the United States of America?

A. Montana

B. Texas

C. California

D. Alaska


From: Patti



I've had the chance to talk with several teachers about the blessings and curses with the flexibility of DAs this year, it most definitely is quite different from last year. I appreciate how well you all have just rolled with it and been so understanding (especially when I made mistakes in preparing your tests). Keep in mind that for the mid year that Part A of both the math and ELA will be done on-line. For the remaining tests (Part B as well as SC/SS for 3-5) you will have the option of paper/pencil or on-line.

Grades 3-5, please remember that on October 14 we (Bickell and Yougel) will be meeting with you all to talk through the rubrics for part B as well as how to enter the scores on-line. Please bring with you laptops and the answers from your students for part B. If your class completed part B on line you will be able to pull up their answers through your dashboard so no worries.


They are inching closer and closer. Special Ed teachers please remember to check those accommodation packets I gave you and return them to my mailbox. I plan on creating small groups this weekend and will have them ready for you to check over early next week. We will be having our IOWA security meeting as part of the faculty meeting on Monday.

I hope everyone has a rest filled weekend filled with lots of smiles. Thank you for all you do, I am truly blessed to work at DCES and know I appreciate each of you very much!

From: Erline


Tutoring is set to begin on October 19. The deadline to turn in applications was this Wednesday. I will have information regarding your student's tutor along with the after school process for you next week. Information will go home as well. Once you know who your student's tutor is, please be prepared to share specific areas of need to assist the tutor with targeted interventions.


Many students are coming up on six weeks or more of data through the progress monitoring probes. If you have a student in that category and progress in the classroom is limited or lacking, please let me know as it may be time to consider an SST and a move to Tier Four.

Gradebook & Report Cards

Below are the Report Card dates for the 1st nine weeks...

10-12-15 Support Report card mtg lab 1 @ 10-10:45am

10-12-15 Teachers finalize grades by 9pm

10-14-15 Verify grades and make changes by 9pm

10-15-15 Report Cards Printed

10-16-15 Report Cards go home


Gradebooks need to be setup to align with procedure P.IHA. In 1st - 5th where interim assessments are given, classroom assessments should be weighted at 50%, summative assessments should be weighted at 49%, and Interim/Mid-Year/End of Year assessments should be weighted 1%.

There is a short video on how to change categories in the TECH HELP widget on the training page...also, there are written directions in the training page..Click CONTENT>GRADEBOOK/REPORT CARDS>ChangingCategories


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Elena Pusca - 10/15

Heather Britt - 10/17