Antonio Vivaldi

Melanie Steinberg


Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678 in Venice first AT Age 15 he learned how to play the violin he was invited to play the violin for the pope. his music was not rediscovered until the mid- twentieth in 1708. in 1703 he became a priest also in 1703 Vivaldi joined the staff of the school of the ospedale Della pieta hospital of mercy also he had a medical problem which was asthma but it didn't stop him from his music.
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This map shows where Vivaldi was born in Venice then immediately he was baptized at his house by the midwife due to "danger and death" he grew up in Venice when Vivaldi was in Venice the city had a population of about 150,000 which was large for that time venice is a city built on water with canals instead of usual cities which have roads the city also has splendid churches, grandiose palaces,and beautiful theaters .
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi
This video is of his four seasons music the four seasons concertos were inspired by four paintings. music that tells a story or paints a picture which is programme music. The four seasons is one of the most descriptive music ever written and were revolutionary in their time. The four seasons were intended to be an artistic tour de force marrying the arts of painting, poetry and music


  • lestro armonico
  • la starvganza
  • le quattro stagione
  • la cetra


Vivaldi received a starting salary double that of his father who worked at the city's most important church. Vivaldi remained at the pieta for most of his professional life then he wrote hundreds of compositions for the girls to perform in the orchestra or to sing in the choir after 40 yrs of service Vivaldi left pieta and moved to Vienna to work for a friend Vivaldi was very much a baroque composer he loved to create music with brilliant effects he wrote as much as Bach and Handel put together. today Vivaldi is remembered mostly for the large number of violin concertos he wrote over-200 for all instruments he wrote about 500 including for mandolin, viola d'amore, oboe, recorder, bassoon,cello,horn,flute and trumpet the most famous piece was the four seasons. Vivaldi died on July 28,1741 suddenly from food poisoning


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