Tomorrow when the war began

by John Marsden

Prediction based on Book cover

My prediction on the Book cover ' Tomorrow when the war began ' was obviously a town being invaded overnight or during the day. Not to sure about the country that invaded the town but am very positive about their being survivors trying to fight back for the town and their families.


Ellie - Leader

Ellie comes from a cattle and sheep farm not far from the edge of the country town Wirawee. Ellie is mainly the character that leads the group because she was the one that organised their camping trip to hell and also the one thats provides the transport, food and outdoor equipment. In the book Ellie is described as kind, friendly, confident and "very sensible" (13).

In the following scenes of the book Ellie becomes more and more of a leader and grows her confidence every time. One of the events which Ellie showed initiative is when she decides to get into the dump truck and get lee who got shot out of the restaurant.


Corrie who is a normal teenager who also lives on a sheep farm, near her best friend Ellie right outside of Wirawee. Corrie is determined, brave, clever, gentle and loving. Unlike Ellie she's much more forgiving. “Corrie was much more forgiving than me. More tolerant.” (Chapter 5) When asked by Homer what they should do she makes her choice "to fight for her friends, for her family, for her country." Right near the end Corrie gets shot by one of the soldiers and is taken back to the house to wait for the others. Corrie stays courageous and still has hope in her friends, family and home.


He’s described as a tall, handsome and intelligent guy with deep brown eyes. He starts a relationship with Ellie and he gains confidence in himself, He also starts feeling comfortable because the war is more his element. Lee and his family own a Thai restaurant which later on gets destroyed in the invasion. Ellie first invites Lee to the camping trip to get to know him because he’s always been shy, quiet and she wants to get to know him. He’s not the typical country boy, he’s from Wirrawee and lives on the top of his parents’ Thai restaurant. Lee loves music and playing piano. He becomes much more comfortable in front of people and especially Ellie. He's used to the war because he came from vietnam and near the middle lee also gets shot but in the leg but he continues to fight back once it heals.