Martin Luther King Jr.


.Born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia

.His Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather were all ministers

.Original name was Michael

.He hated White people at first

.Learned to really dislike segregation when his white best friend wasn't allowed to play with him

.Tried to kill himself after his grandma died

.Skipped two grades and went to college at the age of 15

.Got his bachelors degree at 19 and his PhD

.Marries his wife Coretta on June 18, 1953 and has 4 children with her

.Gets his first Pastor job at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on October 31, 1954

.Elected head of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) to protest bus laws

.Becomes leader of Southern Leaders Conference (SLC) on February 14, 1957

.Is stabbed in Harlem on September 20, 1958

.Goes to India to find out more about Gandhi and non-violence movement

.Attends signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

.Becomes the youngest Male to every win Nobel Peace Prize (35) on December 10, 1964

.On March 25, 1965 King marches from Selma to Montgomery to protest for Voting rights

.Was arrested a total of 29 times in his life

.Gives Anti-war speech on April 4, 1967

.Gives final speech in Memphis on April 3, 1968 before being assassinated the next day by a sniper.

Influential Figures

Martin Luther King Sr.- MLK describes his father as an influential figure because the many lessons he learned from him. King Sr. was a courageous man who didn't let his status as a black man deter his pride; when he didn't like what was happening he made sure he let others know. This quality of fearlessness towards the white population taught King Jr. to stand up for himself and fight for his rights. His father was also a Minister of deep moral and ethical values who was respected by both Whites and Blacks which in turn inspired King Jr. to become a minister.

Coretta King- Coretta King was Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife. He credits her for being his "anchor" when things got rough. Every time there was a problem such as a killing or violence outbreak it was Coretta who would comfort King and give him the support to continue towards his path. In fact, King claims that Coretta was stronger emotionally than him and that without her he would not have been able to lead the Civil Rights movement.

Mahatma Gandhi- Perhaps the most influential figure in King's life was Gandhi. When King learned of Gandhi, and how his nonviolence movement was an instrumental part in gaining India's freedom from Great Britain, it gave him hope that the same thing could be used in order to gain more civil rights for African Americans. By following Gandhi's methods and adding a few of his own twists, King was able to gain many rights for his fellow African Americans. While King was inspired by Gandhi's nonviolence stance, he was also captivated by his humble personality. King states he had great respect for how Gandhi didnt let the fame get in is head and was able to stay true to his roots. This helped King mindset a lot when he was rising in fame for his efforts in the Civil Rights Movement.

Defining Quote

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."


If Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, he would not be as influential as he was during his time period. The reason behind this is because when King was alive, African Americans would be afraid to protest or speak up in general because they would be either beat or killed and the government would do essentially nothing about it. But the American government and people have progressed much since then and all races are as equal as they have ever been in the history in the U.S. Granted, there is still some racism and injustice in today's society and King would do everything in his power to get rid of it, and he would still be loved by many for his dedication. However, since the problem is not as big as it used to be his impact would not be as big either.

If i had the same skills as MLK i would take up the cause of achieving perfect equality between people of all races and religions. I would use his ability to speak to give speeches that convey the message " even though a lot of people consider all races and religions equal, it would be better if everyone would think that way." I would make sure to let everyone understand that so many lives can be saved if we stop fighting just because of the color of our skin or what god we believe in.

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MLK the Activist

The main goal of MLK was the complete desegregation of the United States of America. He wanted Whites and Blacks to be able to peaceful coexist with each other and not have laws that separate them. MLK first joined the cause after Rosa Parks was arrested. Him and other important African Americans in society came together after Park's arrest and agreed to start the boycotting of buses until they were desegregated. King was motivated to join the cause because he was sick of being humiliated and separated just because he was black. He wanted to be able to live in a society where all races got along. MLK's involvement in the Civil Rights movement resulted in the desegregation of buses, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the support of multiple presidents who will try and further Civil Rights. Not to mention that he inspired many to fight for their rights peacefully and always put an emphasis on loving each other. King used a method of nonviolent resistance to further his cause. He and his followers would gather in areas and protest laws they felt were unfair and if they were hit they would not hit back. Sometimes King would get arrested because of illegally protesting or boycotting. All of King's success didn't come without sacrifice. King had his house bombed and was almost killed. Also, he was constantly ridiculed by others and had to worry about his family's safety at all times. If King was alive today, he would undoubtedly take up the Black Lives Matter cause. It wouldn't even be surprising if he tried to stop hate and discrimination of Muslims. Any cause that promotes equality for people of all backgrounds would be a cause MLK would happily join.


In the article "Martin Luther King", the author, Jack E. White, talks about MLK and his impact on America today. White claims that King was the main leader during the Civil Rights movement and that without him desegregation would have not happened. He also claims that King did just as much for the white community as he did for the black community. His reasoning behind this is that since MLK was able to achieve desegregation he saved America from its hypocrisy. White explains that America wouldn't be able to call themselves leaders of the free world if they had their black citizens discriminated and ridiculed against. Also that America wouldn't be able to take down the "Iron Curtain" in Europe if they had their own curtain separating Blacks and Whites. He concludes that therefore, MLK had paved the way for America to become one of the greatest countries in the world. White's claim that MLK saved America is correct. America had wealth, technology, and military strength to make it a superpower. However, America had no right preaching about Democracy or freedom all these years while part of its population was oppressed. It was because of MLK and the Civil Rights movement that the bonds of desegregation broke and America was able to free itself from the one thing that held them back as a country. Also, White's claim about MLK being the only one to achieve desegregation is false. The Civil Rights movement was a result of years of pent up frustration in the black community to be truly free. It wasnt that MLK wanted African Americans to be free so it happened. MLK was the main leader of the Civil Rights movement, but if he wasnt there someone else would have taken his spot. Desegregation might have taken slower if MLK wasnt the leader,but it still would have happened eventually. MLK was just the right at the right time; even so, he still deserves all the credit and more for what he did for Americ and its citizens.

American Experience

If you asked MLK what his American Experience was he would probably tell you that it was unfulfilled. While he did accomplish many things such as helping African Americans gain more Civil Rights, he didn't get to see his dreams come true. Because he was shot and killed he didn't get to see America become desegregated. He didn't get to see Blacks and Whites getting along with each other. He didn't get to celebrate the newly improved America. He didn't get to see his children grow up. He didn't get to say goodbye to his loved ones because of his sudden death. He would tell you that he was happy with how he lived his life and that he had no regrets. But he would also tell you that he would have liked to finish his life and see his dream come true. In conclusion, all that can be said about MLK's American experience was that it was full of potential that disappeared after his untimely death.