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August 30 - September 3, 2021

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Mark your Calendars!

Back to School Night at BMHS will be held on August 30th from 5:00-7:00pm. Families are invited to enter through the main doors and visit with teachers, receive schedules, take a guided tour of the building and enjoy light refreshments. There will be staff available to assist with Skyward and Google Classroom, as well as representatives from each academy to answer any questions. We will also be featuring school and community resources, athletics and clubs/organizations. This is a great way to find out how to get involved at BMHS!

Chromebook Pick-Up at Back to School Night

Did you miss Chromebook distribution or still need your Chromebook? We will have a table at Back to School night August 30th from 5:00 - 7:00 where you can get your Chromebook. If you still have an iPad (or other device) please bring it with you to return along with any chargers and cases that belong to the school district.

BMHS Student School Supplies

BMHS Students need just a few basic supplies to start school.

· Backpack (no wheels)

· Pens and Pencils

· Folders, Spiral Notebooks, and Paper

Any additional supplies may be requested by classroom teachers.

Be Ready for Day 1 (and Beyond)

First Day of School Reminders:

  • Check your schedule in Skyward before coming to school. This will guarantee that you have your most recent schedule with you. You will be able to use your phone or school Chromebook during passing times to check for your next class.
  • Bring your Chromebook with you daily and make sure to start the day with a fully charged Chromebook by plugging it in the night before.
    • Chromebook covers will be provided during 3rd Block during the first days of school.
    • If you still don't have a Chromebook on the first day of school, the school and/or your teachers will provide directions to you on how to get one.
    • Personal devices are not able to connect to our networks, so you must have a school Chromebook.
  • First day of School is September 1st. On the first day, all students enter through the main entrance. Doors will open at 7:30am on the first day. Breakfast is available in the cafeteria. The First Class bell rings at 7:55. The dismissal bell rings at 3:30.
  • Starting September 2nd (the second day of school):
    • 9th and 10th grade will enter through the Field House doors
    • 11th and 12th grade will enter through the Main Entrance doors
    • Field House and Main Entrance doors will open at 7:45 daily
    • Students wanting Breakfast will enter through Door 3 (when looking at the front of the building, this is the door in between the Field House and Main Entrance).
      • The Breakfast Door opens at 7:30. Students coming for Breakfast must go straight to the cafeteria and remain in the cafeteria until they are dismissed to go to their first block class.
  • If you are a new student and don't have a schedule yet on September 1st, please go to the IMC (library) on the 2nd floor to meet with your counselor. Counselors will be available in the library on the first day.
  • If you are a student who wants to request a schedule change on September 1st, you must make an appointment with your counselor by emailing your counselor directly. If you go to the IMC instead of making an appointment with your counselor, you will be sent to your first block class.
    • Please be aware that schedule changes are generally not possible and are dependent on seat availability.
    • No schedule changes will be considered after September 3rd (the end of the first week of school).

School Health Update

Following CDC and Rock County Health Department recommendations, face covering will be required for all students, staff, and visitors in all of our school buildings and on school buses.

Free onsite Covid testing is available to students, staff, and their families.

Air filtration systems are updated and installed in all schools.

Cleaning supplies are available in every classroom. Custodial cleaning protocols will be followed with daily and nightly cleanings.

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School Day Arrival Procedures

The following procedures begin September 2nd.

Arrival Procedures:

Students will be assigned, by grade level, specific doors to enter into the building during arrival time.

  • Juniors & Seniors should plan to enter the building through the Main Entrance doors
  • Freshman & Sophomores should enter the building through the Athletic Entrance

Students may enter the building through their designated doors beginning at 7:45.


Breakfast will be offered each morning for students starting at 7:30. Students wanting breakfast will be able to enter the building through Door 3. Students who arrive for breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until 7:45.

Early Release Schedule for 2021-2022

During the 2021-2022 School Year we will have Early Release Wednesdays the first and third Wednesday of each month. Beloit Memorial Students will be dismissed at 2:30 PM on the following Wednesdays:

  • September 15th
  • October 6th and October 20th
  • November 3rd and November17th
  • December 1st and December 15th
  • January 5th and January 19th
  • February 2nd and February 16th
  • March 2nd and March 16th
  • April 6th and April 20th
  • May 4th and May 18th
  • June 1st

Below is the copy of our bell schedule for Early Release Wednesdays.

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Attendance to Sporting Events

We are so excited to be able to resume sporting events and fans this year at BMHS! We are going to continue with privileged based criteria for events, so you will need to make sure that you are on time to class and getting any absences excused, before attending events.

Timeframe: 1 week period (Monday-Saturday of the week of the event) Everyone gets a fresh start on Monday.

Attendance: No periods of unexcused absences and less than three tardies for the week.

Discipline: No in school or out of school suspension during the week

Everyone is encouraged to serve detentions in ALE (before school and after school) in order to excuse tardies. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to bring in a note in order to ensure that the absence is excused.

BMHS Parking Pass Applications!

If you are a licensed driver who will be driving to school this next school year and would like to park in the student parking lot - student parking is by permit only. Students must complete a permit application. Once approved the permit will be issued to you at a cost of $100.00. (Please note: parking without a permit is a violation and will result in a parking citation by the City of Beloit).

An Application can be picked up in the Main Office or printed off below and brought to the Main Office for processing.