Bacteria Busters

clean, cook, chill, separate


Be sure to wash hands, sanitize counters and tables, and keep all of your kitchen utensils clean especially after using them on raw meats.
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Be sure that food is cooked thoroughly at the right temperatures.

Ground beef should be cooked at a temp. of 155 to prevent e.coli and to prevent salmonella you should cook chicken at 165

also be sure that after it's cooked it stays in the right temperature to keep it from the danger zone.


Things that need to be kept cold should be kept in the fridge which should be at a temperature of 40 degrees or lower, so that they stay out of the danger zone and are kept fresh longer.


Be sure to separate by not using the same cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables.

Even when shopping you should keep things separated, you don't want raw meats to touch and of your other foods. Not even in the fridge.

You shouldn't even use the same knifes of utensils unless they have been thoroughly cleaned.