What Not to Share

Using discretion on the internet


Even if all of the privacy settings on your social media accounts are enabled, the Terms & Conditions on most websites allow them to disclose any information you share to third parties for profit - in fact, it's how they make most of their money!
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In other words, information is never 100% secure on the internet. Before posting something, ask these questions:

  • Is this information important or helpful to my followers/friends?
  • Is what I'm sharing about my life something I would bring up in a casual conversation with an acquaintance that I bumped into at a coffee shop?
  • Can this information potentially be used against me or to harm me?
  • What do I hope to provide and gain in return by sharing this information?

In terms of your personal health, if you must share at at all, keep it simple and brief.

"Not feeling so well today :(" might be acceptable so that your friends aren't offended when you decline their invitation for dinner plans, but anything specific could be dangerous.

ALWAYS keep in mind that regardless of your privacy settings, this information is property of the site to which you post it, which makes them free to use it however they want.