Collaborating Teaching 101

All you need to know about collaborative teaching!

Do YOU want feelings of worth? Creativity? Renewal? and Partnership? If you take this course, you will gain important skills to better your classroom and increase the success of your students! You will learn how to create a classroom that matches each students' individual needs.

8 Things You Will Gain from a Collaborative Relationship

1.) Will learn how to work together, exchange ideas and learn from different teaching styles!

2.) You will learn how to arrange your classroom in an efficient way to accommodate all your students’ needs!

3.) Co-teaching provides familiarity with the curriculum because each teacher has different knowledge of the content areas and can bring different things to the table!

4.) You will learn how to effectively plan modifications of the curriculum to meet each students’ needs!

5.) Plan instruction with other teachers to help design a well-balanced lesson!

6.) Learn how to effectively present a lesson that accommodates each child’s learning needs!

7.) Learn how to make your classroom structured, build strong, healthy relationships with your students, and create a warm classroom environment!

8.) Learn how to create the best assessments for your students!

Nicole Bryant, Jenna Greenstein, Jessica Berns, Christie Antetomaso