RILINK Schools Newsletter

Winter 2020

Why a RILINK Schools Newsletter

Welcome to the first RILINK Schools Newsletter! Since about half of our members are "heavy" users, I have been considering a special edition newsletter three to four times a year about what's new in LibGuides CMS. I also will highlight tools in LibWizard which is available though the LibApps menu to all of you. The quarterly issue will be distributed via a link in the monthly newsletter.

Each edition will highlight common issues users have and techniques/tools that may be new to you. If you like the concept of a LibGuides newsletter, I will work on the next issue; if you just don't need one more "thing" to look at, I will honor that as well.

I look forward to your feedback on this idea.



PS If you have content you would like to see highlighted in this newsletter, please send your suggestions to me at

How can Statistics help me evaluate content?

Did you need data for a PLU or an evaluation? Are you trying to evaluate what content to keep and what to delete?

On the RILINK Schools homepage, the number of visits is available. This number "turns over" January 1 each year. This statistic represents "views" but does not provide any idea as to what is being viewed or used.

The Statistics tool allows you to drill down to the Asset level to see how your content is viewed/accessed. You can look at Guide, Page, and Assets views to determine just what content is being used.

Learn more about this tool on the RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS Users Guide.

Housekeeping Tip for the Winter Issue

Take a moment to review the RILINK Schools Routine Maintenance Guide . This guide provides some basic guidance for "cleaning up" your content.

Choose just one of the areas to start your "cleanup." Prefer to have a session? Contact Sharon about offering your library as a host site for a regional session.

How accessible is your website?

Experimenting with different Style Options for your Guide can enhance your site. Make sure accessibility concerns are addressed when making choices. Font Types, Font Size, Styles, and Colors all impact the accessibility of the content. Springshare provides great guidance in Best Practices for Building Guides & Accessibility Tips.

Basic "how-to" steps are available on the RILINK Schools LibGuides Users Guide .

The LibGuides Community as a Resource

Middle and High School librarians may want to take a look at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) guide on Open Educational Resources. These resources are available to your students and teachers in Destiny Discover.

This guide is available to be reused so content could be tailored to your audience. Just remember to contact the owner in advance as a courtesy for permission.

Haven't explored the LibGuides Community? Visit to learn more.

Request Training

LibGuides training/help is available onsite or virtually. Individual or group sessions may be requested. Just fill out the Request Professional Development Form.