About Me

By: Dakota Tosh

Hobbies, family, and what I would like to do when I grow up.

My hobbies are playing Tennis, hanging out with friends and doing choir.

I don't know much about my family history. My dad tells me that i'm in the 4th generation of the Tosh family whose lived in the U.S. My family originated from Scotland. Our family name used to be Macintosh. I am the youngest of family of 4. There is my dad, mom, and older brother.

I would like to work at a Daycare when I grow up. I love little kids. I know how to handle them.

Winter Break of 2015

I went to Grimes, IA and had Christmas with my dad's side of the family. I got to be with two cats that never had a Christmas then. Because they were about one years old. I got to see the family after two years. I had to get one of my little cousins to open back up to me. I got to see that her twin brother comfort her. Though I won't get to see them for another two year when we get to go back up to see them. The rest of my Winter Break was ok and I got to celebrate New Years after about 5 years of not celebrating it. But over all my Christmas Break of 2015 was nice.

How I spend my Christmas Eve and Day, and My favorite Gift.

I spend my Christmas traveling and getting settled in at my Aunt and Grandma's house. I was picked to be Santa on Christmas day. Most of the presents went to my twin cousins who are 5 years old. I didn't have my christmas with my parents and brother until the day we got back from Iowa. My favorite gift was a sterling silver earring and bracelet set.


The only one place that was our vacation location was to Branson,MO.

Clubs/activities/athletics I'm in

The club that I'm in is Epsilon Beta or the library club. The activité that I'm doing is choir. I'm also on a team for the school which is the Girls Tennis team. On the Girl's Tennis team I am the 2nd best. Number one and I like to battle each other a lot.