New discovery of Mammoths found.

How was it found!

In Waco,TX , two men named Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin were out looking for arrow heads and fossils near the Bosque river .They stumbled on large bone .As you are reading this, you would think they would keep it.Instead,they took it to Baylor University.

When they took it to Baylor, they examine it .Once they finished they said they it was an mammoth's femur.Some Archaeologists wanted to see if there were more here.So they asked the owner of the property could they dig.They said yes.So they found about 24 mammoths found!

The effects of the Ecosystems of the Mammoths Extinction Event

What happened to the Ecosystems when they went Extinct!

1. When the Mammoth went extinct, the animals that ate the animals really didn't have anything to eat on.What were they going to eat ,Grass! No, they were carnivores.Mammoth's ate plants.Like leaves,( from young trees),and grass.Once they were extincted, the tree population could have grew because they weren't eating them anymore.When they went extinct,Betula trees spread across Beringa

2.Researchers are saying that they could have change the climate.They say the disappearance of the Mammoth could have cause the climate to change.This means human driven climate could have changed a long time ago.

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Religious reactions to this find.

1. Well, many religious people think that were here first. Others say that science proves that animals were here first.Researchers say that right around the dinosaur age, they could have been here.A person asked a question saying did God animals here for us to eat.

2.The answer is No. He put them their so they could help the environment.But what about Adam and Eve. Animals could have been here for them to eat.

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Scale of the dig site.

This picture shows a a mammoth.This shows what the length of my mammoth and the actual length of the legs , body , tail,feet, and jaws or head.I want to know what the length is for one.
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