Parker: A Writer

about a writer who is the biggest braves fan ever

I'm a writer who

My strengths as a writer are that I can think of a lot of adjectives and have a lot of talking parts. My weaknesses are that I sometimes can't think of ideas, and I don't really like writing but sometimes if I have a good idea it's fun. I need to check over my story by myself and with friends.

A Memorable Experience

My most memorable writing experiences of my life was in 5th grade. I wrote a story about me going to Six Flags over Georgia. My story was about me going on Goliath at the time it was the biggest ride at Six Flags. It was probably my best story ever. I had so many descriptive words.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

My goals for this year are:

  • To be able to spell a lot more words
  • To have 5 good, complete stories
  • To be able to tell what genre a story is.

About Me

I'm a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are the Falcons, Hawks, and the Braves. I'm the biggest Braves fan ever. At recess I like to play basketball, and football.