Night (La Nuit)

By: Elie Wiesel


Elie became frustrated with humanity and resentful for having to take care of his dying father. Many prisoners stopped caring for their families and started caring for themselves only as a survival skill. Peoples values were destroyed.


  • Survival of the fittest The camp members killed each other over a piece of bread.
  • Hope They could hear the gunshots from the red army which kept them going.
  • Faith During the Holocaust Elie lost all of his faith in God.

How "Night" Relates to me, Ethan Nelson

Similar to Elie I get frustrated with humanity. We have wars based on greed and power. Many humans are judgmental about people being gay, being of a different religion, or a different race. They act selfish and sometimes uneducated about their beliefs. I wish people would think differently and be more open minded. Maybe then things would be better in our world.