Three Blind Mice Assignment

By: Angel Torres

Three Blind Mice

Once upon a time, there lived three blind mice that were very known to the public. The first mouse's name was Juno, the second was Dos, and the third was Enchilada. In the middle of the night the mice decided to rob a bank. Juno was the group leader, Enchilada was the lookout, and Dos was the one who robbed the bank. As soon as the mice were about to commit the crime the street cops came and arrested them. A few hours later the mice were sitting in prison and their mom paid bail so they were sent home. The mice were charged with a felony and had a court date 5 months after the robbery. The grand jury of 23 people were selected to examine the accusation before the trial. The mice were charged with an indictment the offense was a First Class Felony. Since the mice were very poor they were offered a public defender who helped them through their criminal trial. The mice had a scheduled arraignment on a Thursday 5 months after the crime. Some of the charges that the mice had were removed because of the plea bargain. Later on, a petit jury determined the statuses of the crime. There were many witnesses who were the mice opponents. All the defendants received a subpoena so they had no reason not to be in court. Later on that day the mice were prosecuted. Dos was the mice that perjured, or lied under the oath. Based upon the verdict, the judge charged Enchilada and Juno with 4 charges. The mice were convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole. The three mice appealed against their conviction.