Girl Scouts & Girls Fly! Compton

The Global Call To Action for Women & Girls

Girls Fly! The Global Call To Action for Women & Girls To Empower Their Dreams

The Global Call To Action For Women & Girls – Advances the influence of women and girls by empowering them to believe in their dreams. Whether the mother to one or millions, the first lady of influence inspires the dreams of others.

Our Goals

Personal impact, at a local level, for global influence.
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What is Girls Fly! ?

Girls Fly! is a collaboration of local partners who want YOU to succeed with your dreams.

Girls Fly! offers
  • One day, live, interactive experiences supported by the best Dream Releasers (host venues) in your local community.
  • The live experiences come under four categories (arts, athletics, aviation and equestrian).
  • A safe place for women and girls to focus on your dreams.
  • Mentors, supporters, cheerleaders from a community of women and girls who share the same dream as you.
  • Resources and information to move your dreams into reality.
  • Experiences that inform you on the power of your most sacred dreams and careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math - STEM+Art.
  • Experiences that help you see the earning potential to grow your financial literacy.
  • The Girls Fly! partners with a local community’s to empower their girls and women, through a wide variety of iFly experiences. These iFly experiences are customized to the local city, with our Girl’s Fly! outreach presence on national and international levels. Girls Fly! mission and vision is The Global Call To Action for Women and Girls.

Our Values


  • We create experiences of safety and trust that encourage women and girls to open their hearts and share their dreams.
  • We treasure the purpose that each women and girl was created to fulfill.

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Join Mayor Aja Brown!

How different would the world be if all women and girls were supported in realizing their dreams—the dreams that we have to be secure financially, philanthropically, within our families, to change our communities and to build our countries? Aja Brown, Mayor of the City of Compton, will co-host the national launch of Girls Fly! Global Call To Action for Women & Girls to support girls empowerment across southern California.
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Girls Fly! Mission

Mission: To make one female smile tears of joy because she has clarity tied to her most personal dreams and sees a truth path to succeed.

We help a woman or girls smile tears of joy because

  • She is not alone.
  • She knows that the longings of her heart are safe to pursue, no matter how old, young or unable she may feel.
  • She has a path to follow.
  • Her life has value.
  • She is convinced that she was created for more and that more is directly tied to the power of listening to the wisdom of that girl voice within her.
  • The girl voice is the voice of her dreams present and future.
  • She understands the power of belief.
  • She’s unlocked her understanding on the power of compassion and giving.
  • She had a glimpse into the power of her faith, hope and love.
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Who participates in Girls Fly!

YOU! Women and girls from ALL communities who are ages 10 to 85+

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Troop Leaders

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Q. What are the responsibilities of the Girls Scouts participating?

A. As host and greeters the day of the event. The primary responsibility of the Girl Scouts from is to welcome other participants and direct them to the registration and activity area.

  • The Girl Scouts will make several thousand beautiful origami cranes for the luncheon.
  • The Girl Scouts help stuff, deliver and hand-out gift bags and materials to Girls Fly! attendees the day of the event.
  • The Girl Scouts arrive one hour prior to the public.
  • The Girl Scouts place the Girls Fly! banner.
  • The Girl Scouts' chaperones handle on-site registration.

Q. How do I know where to go for Girls Fly!

A. Upon receipt of your registration, you will be notified of your venue address.

  • All participants MUST be registered in advance.

Q. What do I have to do to get my Girl Scouts Community Service Patch?

A. Fulfill the volunteer hours designated by your troop leader associated with

preparation prior to and on the day of the event.

Q. Do Girls Scouts participate in the iFly! Dream Experiences?

A. Absolutely, Yes.

  • A designated Girl Scout chaperone remains available to assist late arrivals and answer any questions.

Q. Are Girl Scouts from the selected troops of Compton, Watts, and Little Tokyo the only Girl Scouts who can participate at no charge?

A. Yes.

Q. Can any Girl Scout that is a resident of the Compton, Watts or Little Tokyo areas (even if not a member of one of the designated troops) also be “financially aided”?

A. Yes. A limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact us at

Q. Can girls from other troops participate in iFly! experiences if they pay the registration fee?

A. Yes.

Q. Can non-Scouts volunteer to help out, especially high schoolers in need of

community service volunteer hours?

A. Absolutely, Yes. We welcome friendly, reliable volunteer support.

  • Sign-up at under Volunteer.
  • You will be notified of our appreciation and assigned an address, with a list of responsibilities and the contact person.
  • A variety of volunteer opportunities exist. Please indicate your available when registering.

Q. Can I bring a friend, relative or guest to join me in the iFly! Experiences?

A. They must be a paid registered participant.

Q. Is transportation provided?

A. Each Girl Scout and volunteer is responsible for their own transportation.

Q. Girls Scouts arrive early for set-up the day of the Girls Fly! event and then have lunch with Mayor Brown at a different location on the same day?

A. Yes. You are among the special guest.

Q. Will our Girl Scout chapter be acknowledged in the Press Release?

A. All Affiliates will be referenced in the Press Release. Kenya Yarbrough of the Greater Angeles Council is assisting.

Armless Pilot Jessica Cox Rides Her Bike

How Do I Participate in Girls Fly! -

Register at

Click: Girls Scouts.

Registration is easy. You MUST be a registered Affiliate of the Girls Scouts (Compton, Watts or Little Tokyo to participate at No Charge. Non-affiliate members of other Girls Scouts chapters are welcome to participate at the reduced rate of $59, including lunch.

Please contact for additional details.

Step 1 – Answer this question: "Of the four categories, all my life I have always dreamed of doing….?" Select the answer when you register.

Step 2 – Complete the registration page, including selection of your dream experience.

Step 3 – Pay. An automated receipt and confirmation of payment will be emailed to you.. You MUST be registered to participate.

Step 4 - Attend. You will be notified of the address for your Girls Fly! experience.

Step 5 – Believe.

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Girls Fly! Compton - Luncheon

Saturday, March 14th, 12-2pm

301 N Tamarind Ave

Compton, CA

Two Mentors From Other Dream Fly! Experiences

Female Changemakers: LaShanda Holmes.mp4

Our Fiscal Partner is Community Partner: EIN: 95-4302067

Community Partners is currently the fiscal sponsor for over 135 dynamic projects across California, and beyond. They range from all-volunteer efforts to complex multi-million-dollar organizations and address a multitude of issues.
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Click Here For Your Tax Deductible Contribution

Click the link below to make your tax deductible contributions and donation receipt:

Jessica Cox
Girls Fly! Belize Thank You From Gael Sylvia

Local Leadership for Girls Fly!

Your contribution directly connects you with the Compton
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