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Weekly Update - October 2, 2020

Update from the Principal

Hello Griffins!

We are now through two weeks of virtual learning and students are settling into routines. Our schedule provides a suggested time frame for students to break up the work and continue a consistent schedule. The times provided are not required, if your student wants to complete work on different days or at different times that work better for your family, we have that flexibility built in. The live sessions with teachers are the only times that we cannot change. If your student is struggling, encourage them to attend the live session or the teacher office hours. We are here to support you and your student. If you have concerns or questions, please contact me. I love meeting with students and families and am happy to come up with solutions before your student experiences frustration.

Our Internet cafe is open for any student that needs access to Internet or a quiet place to work. Students do not need an appointment to show up. We also have tutoring and academic support available on site and remotely. To access academic support, please either connect with the student's advisor or fill out this form (Resource Request Link) and the right person will contact you to make arrangements. Academic support can look different for different students and can be anything from sending certain materials home in printed form to your student on site with a learning coach next to them making sure they know how to access their course work and providing encouragement.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, I welcome your questions, ideas and feedback.

In Service,



Admissions Update

Last Spring we were able to graduate over 100 students! Because of this large graduating class, we still have opening for students this fall. We typically offer up available spots to friends and family of current students. If you know someone who is looking for a different experience, please have them apply through our online application below and put your name as the referral source so we can give them priority.

Admissions Request

Because we started school on the 21st, it is not too late to join now. If you know someone who is falling behind at their current school, encourage them to check us out. Remember, students attending here are attending as choice students and as such are able to return to their neighborhood school at any time they choose as well as remain eligible at their current school for athletics. If you have questions, please contact our head of admissions, Tania Johnson, at or call/text (562) 478-6907.

Work Authorization Forms

We have been getting a lot of calls from students that need a work authorization form signed. Students can bring the form in person to get a signature or, students can fill out the form online that will be sent to the school official for signature and emailed back to you completed.

School/Work Authorization

Internet Cafe

Following health and safety protocols, we are excited to open up an Internet cafe at Dishman! Students that need Internet access or a quiet place to work are welcome to join us on campus for our Internet cafe set up in the cafeteria.

Requesting Help or Resources

If you need help accessing Food Bank sites, housing assistance, transportation, homework help, clothing, or other resources, please let us know by filling out this form and the appropriate person will contact you.

Resource Request Link

FAFSA Student and Family Event

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 1pm

This is an online event.

During this information session you will get information on FAFSA for students & families, learn about available scholarships & community resources, have the ability to setup individual appointments for assistance filling out your FAFSA

To sign up for the event, please register here

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Meet Our Math Department

Rebecca Alberts

Hello! My name is Rebecca Alberts and I am a math and special education teacher at Dishman Hills High School. I grew up in Silicon Valley, CA but I moved to Spokane when I attended Gonzaga University for my undergraduate degree in Special Education. Following my undergraduate program, I was hired at Dishman Hills High School. I have loved working at Dishman from my first day. I love how I get to know each one of my students, and that I get to figure out how to best teach them. Since many people come to me telling me how much they dislike math, my job has been to show students how we can make math fun and make sense. I recently completed a Master's Degree in Math Education. Through this process I have learned a lot more of what makes math interesting, and what skills students need to have. I am excited to continue to teach at Dishman Hills, and for all the amazing new math ideas I can continue to bring to my students.

This quarter Rebecca is teaching AP Statistics, Integrated Math 1, and Math Support. Please contact Rebecca via email at or call/text (707) 847-6554

Mike Williams

I have been teaching for a while and love working at Dishman Hills. Teaching at Dishman is both a challenge and satisfaction working with our students who, typically struggle in math, find the “aha” moment when they solve a problem or better understand a concept. I do believe everyone has a “Math Mind”, it takes longer for some people to find and use than others.

My escape is, and always has been, the outdoors. Whether it is camping, hiking, fly-fishing or hunting, the outdoors keeps me grounded and somewhat young.

Please contact me, Mike Williams, via email at or call/text (208) 820-1009

Molly Coulter

Hi! My name is Molly Coulter, and I have the best job in the world. I get to teach math at DHHS every day. What I most love about Dishman Hills High School is the relationships I am fortunate to build with my students. Here I know my students more than I ever did in my twenty years of teaching at a comprehensive high school in Anchorage, Alaska. My students might say that the best part of being in my classroom is that Cedar (DHHS’s own emotional support dog) resides in my classroom.

Struggling with Something and Need Someone to Talk to When your Counselor isn't Available?

Crisis Text Line provides free 24/7 support via text message. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor.

Or Call First Call for Help (877) 266-1818

About Our School

We believe in new ways of teaching and learning. We empower students through project-based experiences, mentoring, and self-direction. Our goal is for all students to be successful in their academic and social lives.