Halloween Parade

The thrills are coming to Centerville Elementary....

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It's nearly time for the Halloween parade....Here's what you need to know....

We are so excited to continue our Halloween tradition with our school parade at the end of the day next Monday, Oct 31. Our parade will begin at 1 PM and we invite parents to join us either virtually (see link below) or in person. You can bring a chair or stand anywhere along the parade route. Students will proceed from the South West corner of the school around the blacktop to the North East corner. In the event of severe, inclement weather, please join us virtually using the link below. We hope to celebrate and continue this tradition, please help us by following the district Halloween guidelines below. Happy Halloween!

PS. Monday is also the last day of 1st term and an early dismissal (1:25 PM) and there will be no school Tuesday (Teacher Development)

Halloween Costume Guidelines

If students want to come to school in costume to celebrate Halloween, costumes must meet the following guidelines:

On the day of the celebration, the teacher must know what costume each student, or parent volunteer is wearing BEFORE Halloween (Oct. 28 deadline).

Be respectful: Avoid stereotypes. Be racially sensitive and culturally appropriate. Students may not dress up as an ethnic or cultural group (i.e., a Mexican, a Geisha, a Native American, etc). Skin color must not be altered in any way.

Be responsible: Recognize that students in a wide age range will see the costumes. Costumes should be family friendly. Masks may not be worn. Costumes may not be gory or threatening. No make-up is allowed.

Be safe: No hand-held accessories real or pretend (i.e., wands or weapons) are allowed. Crowns or hats may be worn.

Be kind: Costumes should be fun and exciting, not political, or offensive.

Be Understanding: Students may dress up as fictional characters if they follow the above guidelines.

Be Timely: All celebrations should be limited in time and held at the beginning or end of the school day.

Note: Every year in the State Title VI/Indian Education meeting, it is discussed that dressing up as Native American Leaders is inappropriate. Culture is not a costume. In respect to the Native American view, please advise students to refrain from dressing up as Native Americans (i.e., Sacagawea, Sitting Bull, etc.). This is cultural appropriation and is unacceptable.

** Students may choose to dress as a Disney character if they wear a label specify who they are. For example: Pocahontas, Moana