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Gifted and Talented Referral Window

November 15, 2021- December 15, 2021

The Texas State Plan for the Education of GT Students

This document is used to provide guidance to campuses and districts on how to implement gifted services in Texas. It states that gifted services provide "self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication" and that the students identified for these services are "advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, and environment." Students must qualify for services based on quantitative data such as test scores as well as qualitative data such as referral information.
Big picture


Michael Phelps won 28 medals at the Olympics and 23 of them were gold. He has set record upon record for swimming and awards. Many attribute his success to four characteristics: exceptional lung capacity, relatively short legs, relatively large wingspan, and a relatively long torso. However, he also had great coaching and he worked to his capacity. That's like our students. They can have the ability to learn faster or deeper, but they still need a 'coach' and they must work hard.

Now, for just a moment ask yourself this. What if you had his coach? Would you have Olympic gold medals? Maybe, but if you didn't have his capacity or his unique abilities a coach would not be needed. You would never be an Olympic swimmer. We can apply this to some of the high achieving students that are in our schools who do not qualify for gifted services. They do not demonstrate a specific need for the specialized programming.


This list of characteristics may guide you in determining if you have a student that exhibits skills related to a gifted learner. Most importantly, sharing specific examples of the observed characteristics is helpful in the collection of data for the placement committee in determining if a student has an instructional need for gifted services.

Gifted and Talented Programming

Canadian High School

Students participate in accelerated learning opportunities each semester.