Parent Teacher Conferences

Meadowlark Elementary

Dive into Third Grade!

Today is all about welcoming our parents into our classroom to see what we've been doing in third grade so far! We will go over the projects we've completed, the issues we've seen, and our expectations for the school year!

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 4:30-7:30pm

Meadowlark Elementary School Room 131

4:00- Parents will start arriving and can enjoy provided refreshments

4:30-6:30--Conferences take place

6:30-7:30-- Additional questions, concerns, and wrap-up

What to Expect

During this event, we will be meeting with parents to show them some of the units we've done so far this school year such as Ocean Life, Underwater Animals, and Working Together as a School. We want to show how all of these units are cohesive with my classroom theme. We also want to discuss some issues in the classroom we've seen so far this year and brainstorm with parents to see how we can try to resolve them as a team. Some of these issues include: the diversity of our community is seen as negative, rather than positive. Another issue is lack of involvement, which stems from the negativity of the diversity of our community. The last issue we'd like to address is the fact that all of our students come from different backgrounds, and this should be used as an asset in the classroom, not a downfall. The last goal of this conference is to get to know the parents of the wonderful students we have in third grade this year! Hope to see all of you there!

Key Things to Remember

1.We are a team; we all want what's best for our students, so lets work together!

2. Regardless of the diversity of our community, we all have one ultimate goal: educating our students.

3. Our students come first!