Different Types Of Mining

There are 2 different types of mining Alluvial mining and Reef mining. Reef gold is when you get a dynamite and u through it into a digging whole and it blow up down there and makes pathways for you to walk. Alluvial Gold panning is when you use a gold pan, cradles, shovels and pickaxe.

Tools Used In Gold Mining

The tools they use in Alluvial gold mining is , gold pans, shovels and cradles. the tools they used in reef mining are dynamite, pickaxes, a chisel and a hammer to get the quarts out.

Chinese On The Gold Fields

The Chinese where not very popular on the gold fields because that was when racism was very bad. Many of of the Chinese where harassed and some even killed. There was a massive conflict on Lambing Flats more were killed. The Chinese lived on a place called Lambing Flat the Chinese were smarter than the Europeans because the Chinese took the Europeans scraps and made mor money than the Europeans.

Women On The Gold Fields

Men out numbered the women massively six to one. Wives worked along their husbands and some brought their sisters to cook for them. More than 160 000 women were on the gold fields who were among over 600 000 men who arrived in Victoria between 1851 and 1860.

Life On The Gold Fields

The life on the gold fields were extremely hard for the diggers. The poorest diggers slept on the ground out in the open, but wealthier miner brought tents to the diggings. Others slung blankets or canvas over gum tree branches and held the sides down with wooden pegs. After dark the diggings twinkled with thousands of camp fires as diggers cooked evening meals out side there tents.