The Entertainment Establishment



The centers located around the 4 regions in the city of Astrid; were different events and sports.

In the different regions, there are different limited events depending on the weather. For example; there are certain sports like tennis, football, soccer, and many more. But there are certain limited hours for events such as petting animals, ice skating, and more. Unfortunately, at moments, the events would be postponed to the topic that the society does not want the citizens to learn about; for example, if there was a library event that has a teacher talking about things that the students is not supposed to learn such as the history of President Scarlet or the history of the whole civilization.

The majority of the people as a population prefer to meet at the swimming pool to talk and having fun with everybody else; the kids like the swimming pool, as well as the adults. The most preferred time for the citizens is on the weekends at 3:00-3:30 pm.


The pools have diverged in the different sizes of the center. The pools are the most common place to hang out and have fun, but the centers are placed in places that are most populated and busy in each residence.