Autism & Intimacy Education

A Psycho-educational Group For Men

We teach Intimacy Education through a Neurodiverse Lens....

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum struggle to understand social cues, boundaries, and healthy intimacy in their adult relationships. At times, they may find themselves viewing or engaging in social or sexual behavior that is risky or even illegal while not fully understanding that it could get them in trouble including the reasons why it's illegal. Many that come to our program have a hyper-focus on the internet including viewing pornography as a means of self-stimulation and/or soothing, some of whom report having an addiction to porn. All individuals in our program struggle with developing socio-sexual skills in relationships.

We have designed a state of the art curriculum that helps individuals on the spectrum learn tools for having healthy, appropriate, and fulfilling relationships while mitigating risk to themselves or others.

Autism and Intimacy Group Details ...

When: Weekly on Wednesdays

Time: 4:00-5:30p.m. Call-in Option available through secure site!

Cost: $35 per group

Facilitated by: Candice, Founder/Clinical Director and Erin, CSW, Prevention therapist and researcher

RSVP: 801-272-3500,

To inquire feel free to email Candice at

Topics explored...

  • ASD symptoms, real-time issues, and adaptation to one's environment (weekly focus)
  • Adaptive Communication; Recognizing Autistic Logic, Rigid, Black and White Thinking
  • Theory of Mind: What It Is, How It Impacts One's Social Interactions and Perceptions
  • Addiction/Aversion Cycles and Interventions
  • 7-Week Boundaries Curriculum including how to stay safe online and around children/teens
  • Cognitive Empathy Skills Building
  • Emotions Identification and Regulation (Stimming that is adaptive)
  • And More!

NOTE: Since most men attending this group have issues related to pornography and issues with sexuality, we incorporate Carnes' Task Based Model for treating hyper-sexuality along with our ASD based curriculum in this group.

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