Stoneleigh Home-School Connection

Communication 6-8-2020

From Stoneleigh Elementary

Student Materials Returning and Distribution

Ms. Hollenbeck will communicate to families on Wednesday, June 10th the process which the school will be following to collect items students have at home which need to be returned to the school as well as to return items to students left at school prior to the closure. This will include distribution of the 2019-2020 yearbook if ordered and the 2020 5th grade Stoneleigh t-shirt.

Those families who have medication in the school house have been contacted individually by Ms. Stelmack regarding the safe means for returning those items.

We thank you for your patience as we have now received guidance from MSDE and BCPS as to how to safely collect and return items. Items will be returned daily by grade level with students within one family receiving their items on the day of the youngest child's assignment.

2020 5th Grade Stoneleigh Elementary Student Spotlight

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Stoneleigh Elementary 5th Grade Student Spotlight - One Final Opportunity

The 5th Grade Stoneleigh Elementary Student Spotlight highlights some of the achievements of our students throughout this school year, even during this time of social distancing. Please take a few minutes to send us a picture and answer the four questions below.

  • First and last name
  • How are you spending your time during quarantine?
  • What is your favorite Stoneleigh Elementary memory?
  • What are your plans for your 6th grade year?

Submit your picture and the answers to the four questions above to

Pre-K, Kindergarten and New Student Registration Information

Student registration is now online!

Welcome to Stoneleigh Elementary a proud elementary school part of Baltimore County Public Schools. We recognize that school results can be a primary reason for choosing your residence and we are thrilled that you have chosen Stoneleigh Elementary. Registration during the current COVID-19 closure is different than the face-to-face enrollment of the past.

It is important to determine if your child is eligible to begin attending school, first.

    • To be eligible for PreSchool, a child must be three years old on/before September 1.
    • To be eligible for PreKindergarten, a child must be four years old on/before September 1.
    • To be eligible for Kindergarten, a child must be five years old on/before September 1.

Prior to beginning the registration process, view the document titled What Do I Need To Register My Child? below. Which will help you gather all of the necessary materials required for the enrollment of your child. Once you have the items available click on this link which will take you to the BCPS electronic enrollment process, and follow the steps to enroll your child.

A student registration is not final until the registration form is complete, and all documents have been accepted. A member of the Stoneleigh Elementary staff will notify your family to let them know once registration is complete or to identify any additional documentation needed to finalize the registration.

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We Want To Wish The Following Students A Happy Birthday This Week And During The Summer!

Your name will be announced on WSES and your birthday pencil is waiting for you when the school closure is over and we all return to Stoneleigh Elementary. We hope you are able to enjoy your special day at home loved by family and friends even if it was from afar.

  • 06/08 - Jake S., Michael I. and Dalia C.
  • 06/09 - Beyla A., Luke S. and Peter Mc.
  • 06/10 - Nebiat F., Norah W., Ryan B. and Brendan B.
  • 06/11 - Austin N.
  • 06/12 - Graham H., Jack Q., Emerson L. and Brayan M-D.
  • 06/13 - Bisan S., James W., Silas Mc., Gregory M., Collin G., Olivia F., Alice W., Jack B., Harrison P. and Emma A.
  • 06/14 - Julia K., Michael K. and Gaspar D-P-C.

    We want to take this week to begin wishing students a happy birthday whose birthdays occur during summer break.

    • 08/01 - Thomas A. and Christopher M.
    • 08/02 - Jenna R. and Zoe I.
    • 08/03 - Henry E. and Celia M.
    • 08/05 - Madeline P., Wyatt E. and Edward V.
    • 08/06 - Benjamin G. and August C.
    • 08/07 - Iris Q., Miranda D. and Caitlyn Mc.
    • 08/08 - Ada D., John D. and Keller B.
    • 08/09 - Natalie M.
    • 08/10 - Lolita S., Liam S. and Millie S.
    • 08/11 - Frederick R., Speirs Mc., Ellington B., William M. and Henry G.
    • 08/12 - Charlotte M. and Vivienne V.
    • 08/13 - Calder P., Lucille S. and Landon M.
    • 08/15 - Akshara M., Srisha G. and Nazareth R-G.

    Final Read aloud With Ms. Edwards (Reading Specialist)

    Big Comfy Chair Time with MrsEdwards 060720

    From BCPS