A Guide To Traveling In Ecuador

It's also important that once coming in Ecuador that the vacationers signal that the Ecuadorian Entrance Card. On many flights to Ecuador this particular card is situated at the passenger check in area.


If planning your Ecuador vacation, there are some things that you should keep in mind before you depart for your trip. Among those things is your Ecuador Traveler Health Declaration. The purpose of this Ecuador Traveler Health Declaration would be to make sure that the security of non-residential traffic on the Ecuadorian soil at the time they arrive on an Ecuador airport. Through this Ecuador Traveler Health Declaration individuals are obligated to declare to the customs broker that they are not currently ill or disabled and they are not needing aid in any way. Additionally, tourists are obligated to notify the agent if they're carrying out a pet.

Before you go to Ecuador among the first things you should do is to remember that travelers should always ask for and browse throughout the Ecuador traveler health statement. Even though there's absolutely no universal health coverage law in Ecuador, it is very important that each individual traveller follow the Ecuadorian law concerning their personal health and the international laws regarding traveling to Latin America. By reading and understanding the Ecuadorian laws you're protecting yourself and your family and making sure you have the documentation that may back up those declarations when you arrive in Ecuador.

The most important part of the Ecuador Traveler Health Declaration is that the first paragraph that claims that all travelers intending to stay inside the Ecuadorian land must truthfully declare to the customs agent that they are not currently ill or disabled and they are not in need of medical assistance right now. It's also important that after arriving in Ecuador the vacationers signal the Ecuadorian Entrance Card. On a lot of flights to Ecuador this particular card is located at the passenger check in place. When the card was scanned, you must produce it when checking into your flight.

After the Ecuadorian traveler health statement was readied, one more thing that you ought to do is to make a list of physicians that are familiar with the area and that you trust. This list will help ensure that you get proper medical care should something goes wrong while you're traveling to Ecuador. If your trip has a stopover in Quito, Ecuador then you need to attempt to visit a doctor at the local health office that is closest to the Ecuadorian airport so that you don't have to travel too far from the aviation airport to get appropriate treatment.

The next step that you should take after reading through your Ecuador Traveler Health Declaration would be to contact the local health care agency. You can get in touch with the local health office in Quito. The local health office is run by the United Nations Office on Drug Control. This office offers support to the Ecuadorian authorities in providing services to tourists when visiting the nation. The services supplied by the Ecuadorian government incorporate preventative medication education, referral to local therapy services in case of problems during your trip, and emergency healthcare services.

The Ecuadorian traveler health statement should be carried with you as a proof of immunization throughout the flight. Make sure you carry the announcement beside you at the Ecuadorian airport. It is also possible to bring your prescription glasses and glasses which need to be prescribed by a local physician to the Ecuadorian airport for safe keeping. Just take the prescription glasses and eyeglasses with you when checking in at the Ecuadorian embassy. You don't wish to go back home just to reunite them with prescription glasses that have been prescribed with a local doctor and not in your right hand. Do your best to follow this simple and easy manual as your solution to travel healthily.