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FSUS Extended Day Monthly Newsletter

Health and Fitness Month

Happy Month of April!

We now have less than 8 weeks of school to go. It is incredible how fast the year goes by when our students are learning and having a great time.

As you may already know, April is EDEP’s Health and Fitness month! We will kick start our themed month with Thursday Clubs that center around HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity). The HEPA themed clubs give our EDEP students more opportunity to be active through instructional play, learn about health/wellness and gain more knowledge about great eating habits with nutritional foods while still having loads of fun!

With the school year winding down EDEP is still propelling ahead with many fun-filled activities for our students like our annual Glow in the Dark party to wrap up April.

Cycle 9 Payments

Cycle 9 payments are due Tuesday, April 4th, 2017.

We only accept cash, check or money order. Make all checks payable to FSUS.

If paying with cash we ask that you please bring exact change.

For payment information go to our website link listed below.

Upcoming Dates

Cycle 9 Payments Due


Thursday Clubs Begin (4:30-5:30pm)


Early Release Day


EDEP's Glow in the Dark Party


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  • The program does not provide itemized statements for tax purposes. Please keep your receipts for accurate records of your expenses. Receipts will be available at the time of payment.

  • Federal Tax ID #593726188

  • If your child will not being attending a day in EDEP for any reason, please let us know at sign-out or by giving us a call at (850) 245-3843.

  • Any items left behind during after school hours will be placed into the lost and found trunk located outside of the cafeteria.

  • Electronics in after school are not permitted. Use of electronic devices will result in the device being confiscated and turned in to the EDEP's front desk for the parent to pick up.

The only exception to this rule is that Secondary (6th and up) may use their cell phone only during their EDEP snack time. They may not use their cell phone anytime after snack time.

  • If you know your child will not be attending a cycle or if their enrollment changes please notify us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary changes to their account.

EDEP Communication

EDEP strives to thoroughly communicate with our parents. One of the ways we pass pertinent EDEP details along is by our information board. When you come in to sign your child out check to see if we have the information board out near our check out table so you don't miss out on key updates or reminders.

Homework in After School

Homework time is provided for K-12th grade Monday through Thursday. The time allotted for homework varies by grade level. If for some reason your child is not completing their homework during after school and you need them to be doing so, please let us know. Also, if you would prefer your child to not complete homework during EDEP, please let us know that as well.

What is a green or blue form?

Knowing the difference between the forms...

Green Forms (Accident)

This form is a documented notification of any injury or accident that may have happened during the after school hours or possibly even from the school day if it carries over in to EDEP time.

Blue Forms (Incident)

This form is a documented notification of a disciplinary incident that has occurred during after school. This form should be taken seriously, it is an after school referral. These forms could result in a three- day suspension or removal from EDEP.

Meet the EDEP Staff

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Payment Schedule '16-17

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Contact Us

Christina Hanna

Extended Day Program Director

Phyllis Rosati

Extended Day Program Coordinator

Leketra McGee

Extended Day Program Assistant Coordinator



K-5th Summer Camp is currently full for all weeks!

6-8th Summer Camp still has a few spots available in some weeks!

If you are still interested in our camp please ask about our waiting list.