October 8, 2019

Employees of the Month

Celebrating October Employee of the Month Kelsey Chastain!
Celebrating October Employee of the Month Amy Kopanic!

Student Showcase

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Paraprofessional Positions Open in Millard!

Looking for a challenging and rewarding job that works with a flexible schedule? Consider being a Millard Paraprofessional! Apply today at www.mpsomaha.org.
Lucas Bond, Paraprofessional

Advanced Placement & Dual Enrollment Reports Shared with Board

Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment continue to offer students strong opportunities. The number of students taking an AP Exam increased from 2204 during the 2017-18 school year to 2215 last school year. Of our 2019 Millard graduates, 59% completed at least one AP course while in high school. The number of AP Scholars remained strong with 527 students named as scholars as a result of 2018-2019 testing. Included in the 527 AP Scholars, 153 students received AP Scholars with Distinction. The male state scholar was from Millard West High School.

Along with AP courses, seven additional dual enrollment courses have been added. Students may take these new courses through a Millard Career Academy, a Metro Career Academy, or Early College. Millard students receive reduced tuition to UNO and Metro. Total savings for our families because of this reduced tuition comes to $1,421,800 for the year. In addition, the Millard Public Schools Foundation paid $42,500 for Early College Scholarships last year and has allocated $50,000 for Early College Scholarships this year.

2020-21 Within District Transfer and Open Enrollment Capacity Standards

Based on current and predicted enrollments the Board voted to open all elementary and secondary schools to both within district transfer and option enrollment until capacity limits are met.

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