Biological Warfare

Immediate symptoms

If you were attacked with biological warfare the immediate symptoms you would start experiencing would be trouble breathing, impaired vision, dizziness, stomach aches, throwing up, and you could have immediate death.

Long Term Symptoms

In the long run you could experience loss of vision, loss of hearing, skin sores. And of course death

Who could you Talk to?

You could talk to any expert in biological warfare, and anyone that has a degree in biology. Both of these people would be reliable and have very good information on the topic. Someone may ask questions similar to how is biological warfare used? Or has the U.S ever used biological warfare.
This Biological Warfare article is a informational for people who want to try to understand some of the biological organisms that could potentially be used in biological warfare and information on these organisms. This article is a reliable source, because the writer is a science instructor, and has her bachelors degree in biology.

History channel episode

The following video is a very descriptive video on Biological warfare, how it is studied, how we are using it, and how it works. People at the CDC are testing certain things that could be very harmful and fatal to us. They have to wear air tight suits, that do not let air in or out. They have to shower while still in the suit before they even get out of it. This is a reliable source, and the information is told by experts that study it. Therefore I am declaring the info reliable and true.
modern marvels - biological weapons