Kindergarten Madonna

January 2021

Program Philosophy

Kindergarten at Madonna Catholic School is a faith filled program that nurtures your child’s sense of well being and belonging to a caring, compassionate learning community. There are opportunities for rich experiences with others in purposefully designed indoor and outdoor environments.

This curriculum is imbued with faith and is active, exploratory, creative, which allows for expressive processes as a part of your child’s everyday experience. A curriculum that engages your child so that they can have opportunities for leading their own play and learning while developing both, socially and emotionally.

Children will explore nature, people, places, and objects as well as print, stories, numbers, shapes, and patterns. Through this they will develop a sense of being together, communication, early literacy, physical skills and well being, personal and social responsibility, Mathematics, as they will explore their environment and community.

Please note the link for the The Alberta Education Curriculum for Kindergarten



General Information

Age of Entry: 5 years old on or before

December 31, 2021 (born in 2016)

1. Kindergarten is full days 8:30 am to 3:15 pm

Monday, Wednesday and designated Fridays


Tuesday, Thursday and designated Fridays

2. Complete the registration form on-line at include a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate) if you are new to the division.

3. Student busing may also be requested on-line at .

4. Your child’s first day of school will begin the week of September 1 - 3 with orientation.

Gardening in Kindergarten

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Bus Registration is online, please click the link .

The First Ride Program is a great way for the first time school bus rider to learn the ins and outs of riding a school bus safely.

· Meet the bus drivers

· See a short safety video

· Learn bus safety

· Learn what “transferring” means

· Parent and student take a short ride on a school bus.

Date: TBD – students will be advised in July via

Email or Synervoice of the exact date in August.

No RSVP required: First Ride Program is Free to EICS Students

You will be notified by your child’s bus driver directly of pick up location, time and bus number. Do expect some delays in the first weeks of school.

School Supplies

All school supplies needed will be determined and emailed out at a later date.

There are required items you will need to supply for your child.

Required Supplies:

  • A pair of runners with white soles - preferably with Velcro closure (to be kept at school).
  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch

Please label runners, backpack and all outerwear with your child’s name so it can be easily identified.

Drop Off Zone for Students

Students will wait at the pink dots by the Main door to the school. The teacher will come out and greet the students. She will bring them into the school.

Pick up at the end of the day. Parents will wait for their child at the Pink Dots and the teacher will bring the students out to meet the parents.

School Calendar

Will be uploaded shortly.


To meet the needs of your child, we introduce Kindergarteners to school in small groups, offering them an opportunity to view their school and classroom prior to the first day.

  • A small group of students attend each session.
  • The teacher will meet with parents outside in the garden prior to students going in the school.
  • Parents can “peek through” the windows.
  • This allows the teacher to have an opportunity to connect with your child personally.
  • Classroom routines: such as where to put their belonging, coat/shoes/backpacks will be introduced.
  • A tour of their class, washrooms, library, gym and office will take place.
  • A photo of each student will be taken.
  • Students will be invited to participate in a few activities.

This session will help your child feel more comfortable on their first day of Kindergarten.
Instructions for signing up for an Orientation Session will be provided at a later date.

Fees - How to Pay Them?

Kindergarten students may participate in field trips and cultural events virtually.

These special events will be charged on a per activity basis during the year. Information will be sent home in advance of the field trip and any fee due will be payable online through your Parent Portal account.

Parent Portal Account

This is an account that you will create for yourself in the SchoolEngage software system when registering a student new to the EICS school division. Through this account, field trip fees can be paid using a debit card or your credit card.

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Welcome to Kindergarten Video will be up Shortly

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How is drop off and pick up handled?

Teacher’s meet their students outside at their designated area every morning and bus students are met and brought to their teacher. Teachers will walk their class students out to parents and buses at the end of the day.

What measures are in place for a clean environment?

A VICTORY Hospital grade sanitizing system is used, it is like a mist and will be done weekly on surfaces. This kills COVID and the Norovirus. Victory is dedicated to providing the tools that make our hospitals, schools, and communities safer.

Are there any daily safety requirements in place?

  • Parents MUST do the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist on their children each day prior to their child coming to school.

  • Hand sanitization on entry/exit of building and classroom, frequent hand washing, desk cleaning before and after lunch or snack times and high touch areas in the school are cleaned 4x per day.

  • A cohort class is only their classmates. Recess and lunch breaks are staggered to ensure children play within their own cohort.

Do children need to wear masks at school?

Mask use for Kindergarten students is not required or recommended but may be considered as per Alberta Health. If a student chooses to wear a mask, teacher will work with that child on mask hygiene.

How is the washroom situation set-up for the Kindergarten children?

There are designated bathrooms #119 and #116 with a maximum of 3 students per bathroom at one time.

Will children be able to play with other children at school?

Children are able to play with all the other students in their cohort at recess, lunchtime and during select activities. Students will be encouraged to maintain safe distances within their cohort when possible. They will maintain social distancing from other cohorts.

Will there be field trips for students?

At this time field trips will be virtual or postponed until it is safe to do so.

Will there be an Open House for the school or Kindergarten?

Due to COVID-19 Alberta Health recommendations at this time, an Open House will be available virtually.

How do I connect to my child’s teacher then?

In person conversations at drop off/pick up times, virtual meetings and telephone calls or emails are all great ways to connect with your child’s teacher.

Can I come volunteer in my child’s class?

Parent volunteers are usually welcome but due to COVID-19 protocols this is not available at this time.

If another child or adult in my household is sick, should my Kindergarten student stay home?

If someone in your household is feeling unwell your Kindergarten student may still attend school as long as you have completed the on their behalf.

What happens if a student becomes ill at school?

If a student feels unwell they are brought to one of the office infirmary’s where they are made comfortable until a parent or guardian arrives in a timely manner. Once the student is picked up, that infirmary office is immediately sanitized using the VICTORY sanitizing mist system.

What would happen if there was a positive case of COVID-19 at the school? Would I be notified?

If there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in the school, immediate steps are taken to promptly isolate students and staff who are deemed close contact and connect with parents of students that may need to quarantine. A communication would also be shared that day with all other Madonna Catholic School parents via email regarding the situation. You would only be contacted personally if there was a close contact situation for your child.

Below are some resources you may find helpful:

Alberta Health COVID-19 Information

Alberta Health Translated Resources

COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist (under 18)

Madonna's Patron Saint is Mary

There are many titles for Mary: Madonna, Blessed Mother, Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Peace.

The Madonna Royals

The School Logo for School Spirit Wear

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Nature Kindergarten is Optional Programing in addition to the regular class.

Nature Kindergarten is an optional program available to students at Holy Redeemer and Kindergarten students in Sherwood Park. Children will continue in their community kindergarten classrooms as per the EICS kindergarten calendar, attending nature kindergarten on the other days providing an option to attend kindergarten full time. This early years enrichment opportunity will allow children to spend the vast majority of their day outside engaged in meaningful ways with their body, mind and spirit while located in a natural setting.

Students will continue with their current EICS kindergarten programming within their respective community schools.

Working as a group of explorers, nature-based kindergarten children will be given additional outdoor opportunities to be self-directed through their own curiosity and play. Using multiple natural learning environments, children will develop confidence in their own abilities to investigate and to collaborate outdoors and within their natural environment. Children will be physically active and engaged in movement skills that will facilitate their balance, stamina and strength.


  • Cost $425 per month for children participating in an EICS Community Kindergarten.
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