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A Bald Eagle's Ecosystem.

Bald eagle's live near lakes, rivers and sea coast. The environment helps bald eagle's survive because they can eat and drink so that they can live. If bald eagle's die then other animals will start dieing and then the envirment will not look very well.

What do Bald Eagle's Eat?

Bald eagle's are carnivores because they eat meat like fish and other little animals that have meat in there bodies. Bald eagle's fly around and catch there pray and then eat it so that they can live.

How can humans be harmful to Bald eagle's?

Humans are harmful by shooting bald eagle's. people shoud not shoot bald eagle's. If people shoot bald eagle's envirmens will not have that much butiful animals like the bald eagle. Humans can also shoot down there nest and maby kill the baby bald eagle's.

How can humans help bald eagle's animal survive?

Humans can help bald eagle's survive by not shooting them. Humans can also help bald eagle's survive by a couple of other things. Humans can feed bald eagles by sometimes leaving a fish on the ground and then the bald eagle will swoop down grab it and eat it.

Bald eagle's adaptations.

There claws help them survive because they can catch there prey and help them from dieing. Bald eagle's claws also help them survive because they are really sharp so that pretitors cannot get them.

A bald eagle's special behavior.

Bald eagle's do not take any naps throghout day or night. Bald eagle's do not take naps because they need to feed them and there babies or they and there babies will die and that would be sad.

Other notes.

Bald eagle's eat fish, rabits and other small animals. Bald eagle's usually have there nest is a forest and sometimes they can have there nest in a regular tree or something.

Bald Eagle catches salmon


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