South Carolina

Home of the Serfs and the Slaves!

Slavery on the Rise!

Slavery was introduced in South Carolina in the very beginning stages of the colony. Slavery was the most important good at the time. Slaves were so valuable at the time that Indian tribes that were competing to trade with the Europeans offered the English Indian slaves!

South Carolina: We only Betray our Indian Allies Sometimes...

South Carolina is owned by Anthony Ashley Cooper and John Locke. The Fundamental Constitutions presents the idea of a representative government. Our society was going to be set up in ranks of nobles all the way down to serfs. Our representative assembly didn’t approve the Constitutions. The plan to have a social class similar to Britain’s social class failed. The first colonists arrived in South Carolina in Charles Town in 1670. South Carolina is a very warm area of land; it is really hot! South Carolina is great for farming; there is very rich and fertile soil. Our farming season is 295 days long! Locke came up with the Fundamental Constitutions. Our land is great even though there are some Indians still living in our new colony. The Indian tribes tried to compete to see who can trade with us. The Westos tried to win our loyalty by offering up Indian slaves; slaves were our most important good at the time. The slave trade brought many conflicts with it. We defeated the Spanish by the help of our Indian allies. We were trade partners with the Yamasees but we betrayed them, took their land, and enslaved their people. Many of our people were killed when the Yamasees too their revenge (7% of the population). This conflict caused us to abandon our frontier settlements.

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