Design Volunteers In Parks Program


What are Design Volunteers?

The Design Volunteers In Parks Program is an innovative program which works in collaboration with students from the Ex'pression College in Emeryville and the Academy of Art University. The purpose of the program is to help students connect with the parks' natural and cultural resources while demonstrating their ability to understand particular targeted audiences. Students participating in the program benefit by obtaining experience as volunteers working for the National Park Service as clients. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in new media design.

Please feel free to browse through our online gallery of past works from the program.

DVIP: The Marine Mammal Center
DVIP: National Youth Engagement
DVIP: Hornblower Hybrid (Team 1)
DVIP: Hornblower Hybrid (Team 2)

Marketing Campaigns

CASE STUDY: Design Volunteers In Parks Program

In 2011, Director Jon Jarvis' challenged National Park Service (NPS) employees to engage the next generation of park visitors. Call to Action item #10, Arts Afire, encourages us to not only interact, but to engage and challenge the youth of tomorrow to creatively express their experiences within the park.

"This action targets the engagement of the arts community with parks to tell park stories in creative new ways. It is also intended to reach out to youth through the arts, creating new interpretations of the parks through young eyes using current arts and technology...

Volunteer Park Photography

Volunteer Park Photographers

The Volunteer Park Photography Program is a relatively new program consisting of amateur to professional photographers from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Volunteers require the ability to travel within the park on their own and be comfortable volunteering their time and expertise to the National Park Service.

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Design Volunteers In Parks Program

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