Sabin Salutations


What Happened At School This Week?

We had a great week at school! Here is what we did:

• We began learning about informational text.

• The students learned these features- captions, photographs, illustrations, and heading.

• We also started reading an article about butterflies. The kids highlighted facts that they found in the article. After highlighting, I modeled how to fill out an informational text organizer. Next week, the kids will fill out their own organizer with the information that they found.

• During social studies, the kids learned about rights and responsibilities. Each child made good citizen awards and gave them to an individual that they chose. Also, we talked about the impact random acts of kindness can have on those around them. The children wrote letters to other second graders and cleaned up the two other rooms. Finally, we learned about laws. The kids were amazed to hear about some of the crazy laws that existed long ago!

• Each math class focused on addition and subtraction strategies.

What Will They Do Next Week?

• We will finish our informational text organizers.

• During social studies, we will be discussing goods and services. The kids will also learn about production workers and service workers.

• Our text features for the week are an index, table of contents, labels, and maps.

• The kids will be reading an informational text on world holidays. After reading, they will highlight important facts. Finally, they will fill out a new informational organizer on the holiday of their choice.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

What Can I Do at Home?

• Talk about different laws that are important for our community.

• Read some informational texts at home and identify the different text features.

• Discuss goods and services with your child. Talk about production workers and service workers.

• Continue reviewing spelling lists each night.

• Review math facts with your child.

• RAZ Kids is an amazing resource to use. Once there, type in msabind for classroom. Each student login and password are in their red folder.

• Think about what types of random acts of kindness your family can do at home.