FDR: The Best Choice For President

By: Kevin Dong

Social Security Act

The Social Security Act was an important reform act that was created by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second New Deal. This act helped and continues to help Americans every day on three separate levels.

  • This act provides unemployment insurance to workers who have lost their jobs, and the money for this insurance comes from the tax put on businesses. This important piece of legislation shows FDR's concern and care for the working class of America.
  • In addition, the act also provides pensions for retired workers who are over the age of 65. This really helps older people receive the income that they need when they are unable to work because they deserve the prosperous life for all the years of hard work they endured during their golden age. Therefore, FDR looks out for the elderly in the United States.
  • Lastly, this act provides income to handicapped individuals, the elderly, and the families of male workers who have lost their lives. This section of the act is important because if a war were to be inflicted upon the United States, the Social Security Act would financially protect the families of soldiers. Although FDR has promised to keep the United States out of the European Conflict in World War II, he is being cautious about the working families of the United States in case an incident occurred that would spur the nation into war.
This important piece of legislation shows the incredible planning power of the FDR which emphasizes how effective he would be during this time of European conflict and economic depression.

Civilian Conservation Corps

Another one of FDR's New Deal policies was the Civilian Conservation Corps which was passed by Congress in 1933. This policy allowed around 250,000 young males to leave their families in order to receive training in army camps. Some of the jobs that these men were required to do involved planting trees, clearing underbrush, creating park trails, and developing campgrounds in the national parks and forests. These men earned $30 every month, and they were required to send this money home to their suffering families. In addition, the shelter, food, and water were provided for the workers by the government, so they did not need to spend their earned income. This piece of legislation shows that FDR cares about the young generation of the United States because he provided them with jobs and training which helped them support their families. The training they received from the camps also taught the young men to work together which is an important skill to master, especially in the military. Although FDR wants to preserve the peace, he is preparing the United States just in case war does break out. We need a president who can create solutions that can solve many problems. In other words, we need Franklin D. Roosevelt to win the election of 1940.

Securities and Exchange Commission

FDR realized that fair business practice was key to reviving the economy. He wanted to protect the United States from unfair trade practices and stock fraud, so he created the Securities and Exchange Commission. This commission helped to regulate the practices of companies selling stocks and bonds which would help prevent them from cheating investors. FDR believed in providing fair opportunities for everyone, and he was against the negative effects of corporate and industrial greed in the economy. FDR would make a great president because he believes in achieving success in the right way.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president who increased the people's confidence in the banking system by promoting bank holidays. He stopped the collapse of the banks by creating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in June of 1933. This policy insured up to $5,000 of the money in each of the bank deposits which significantly increased the public's confidence in the banking system. Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped the collapse of the banking system in the United States, and he strengthened the people's trust in financial institutions. He can be trusted to help the United States rise out of the Great Depression, but the only way for that to happen is if we elect him for a third term as the president.

Rural Electrification Administration

FDR also believed in providing equal opportunities for all Americans. He displayed this belief when he established the Rural Electrification Administration which provided electricity to rural areas. In addition, this policy allowed the government to oversee the interstate production, transmission, and sale of gas and electricity which helped keep utility costs low. The access to electricity in rural areas was a great accomplishment on Roosevelt's part because people in rural areas could use radios and hear the different events going on around the world. This provided information and entertainment for a majority of Americans. Therefore, you can count on Roosevelt to provide equal opportunities for every American, as well as, keeping Americans informed about national and global issues.

The Good Neighbor Policy

During FDR's speech in the inauguration of 1933, FDR laid out his hopes for mutual respect between the United States and Latin America. This speech served the basis of the Good Neighbor Policy. Some actions that FDR took to gain the respect of Latin American countries were cancelling the Platt Amendment on Cuba, ending United States intervention rights in Panama, and removing U.S. forces from Haiti. These actions helped the United States develop a friendly relationship with neighbouring countries, which helped the United States gain more allies. You can count on FDR to make allies with other countries and keep the peace between different foreign powers.