SJS Sports Alert - Netball 2023

Reminder: Enrolments Close Friday 3 February

Year 1 - 2

When: Monday beginning 13 February at 3:45 - 4:45pm

Where: Vautier Park

Cost: $25

Year 3 - 4

When: Tuesday beginning 14 February at 3.:45 - 4:45pm

Where: Vautier Park

Cost: $25

Year 5-6 will enrol later in the year. I need to add the link to the registration once you are happy with this.

If paying by Internet Banking, please make payment to St James' Catholic School Account Number 12-3442-0052178-00. Please code with your Child's Name and Code of Sport.

To be eligible to be placed in a team, payment must be made and the Registration submitted online Friday 3 February. Please click HERE to Register for Year 1 & 4 Netball.

Every team requires a Coach/Manager

NO COACH/MANAGER = NO TEAM No experience required

By signing up to a Sports Code run by St James' Catholic School, children, coaches and spectators will agree to the Fair Play Guidelines for Parents and Spectators. Please read them and familiarise yourself with them. These are also available under links on the School App.

To ensure you stay informed about Netball please sign up to receive Netball alerts School App.

Tracey Gunn
Teacher in charge of Netball