Monday Musings

Weekly Update for Douglas Staff - Monday, May 30, 2016

The end of the year...

I hope you are all energized and refreshed after the beautiful weekend, ready to enjoy your students for 7 1/2 more days. You will forever live in the minds of your students as their "3rd Grade (or other grade) Teacher"...I hope you enjoy these last two weeks with the kids.

Along with your typical end-of-the-year things, please find time to complete your SLO's and Doc Logs. Once you have submitted both, please shoot me an email (if you are a Summative Year teacher), so I can get started on your summative evaluation. All meetings will be scheduled during the very last week of the school. At the VERY LATEST, these items should be submitted by Thursday, June 2nd. If you are a NON-SUMMATIVE Teacher, per Dave's last email, you may submit an empty Doc Log and save your items in a file on your computer.

Please check your emails on Tuesday afternoon for a "draft" of your grade level's specials and lunch/recess block for next year. Grades 3-5, your "blocks" of instruction are also included. For next year, we are combining the K/1 specials block, as well as Lunch/Recess...due to the smaller number of sections.

Please see the section below that details upcoming meetings/events...

Thank you for a wonderful school year...Happy May 31st and June!


Vision - Mission - Priorities

Vision - Excellence for All

Mission - The mission of Douglas Elementary School is to engage the Douglas community in learning and growing together, preparing children to pursue the dreams and opportunities of their future.

Priorities -

Learning and Growing Together

Driven by High Expectations and Goals

Fostering a Positive, Safe Learning Environment

Check out what our 3rd Graders have been up to!

Theme 2016-2017 - Learning is Our Super Power!

Planning team meets on Tuesday, 5/31 at 7:30 AM (Conference Room).

Last Call - End-of-the-Year Slideshow photos needed! Please send 2-3 pics from your classroom during the year. The slideshow will play during the Snow Cone station on Field Day so all students will be able to watch.

All Teachers - Grades due on Skyward by Monday, June 6th at NOON. Thanks!

Para Meeting (Any Paras working from 2:00-3:00) - Monday, June 6th - 2:00 PM

All paras who are scheduled to work from 2:00-3:00 in the afternoon should plan to attend a meeting on Monday, June 6th at 2:00 PM. We will discuss the newly approved Early Release on Wednesdays for 2016-2017. Thank you to Jaclyne, Chrysa, and Sheila for representing the para team recently to help develop our Early Release plan!

Family Pool Party - Wednesday, June 8th - 5:00-7:00 PM (Watertown Aquatic Center)

NEW - Graduate Walk 2016 (Thursday, 6/9 @ 8:30 AM)

Inspired by a Facebook post, Douglas is inviting the Douglas students who are current graduating seniors to "walk our halls" in their cap and gown at 8:30 AM on Thursday, June 9th while we play familiar graduation music over the intercome. A current (and senior) parent tagged us in the post, and it was too cool not to try! All seniors who attended Douglas will receive an invite...and we are hoping they choose to join us. Similar to "Read Across Douglas", our Douglas Tigers will head to the hallways to cheer on our seniors. The entire walk will likely take 5-10 minutes. Please plan to line the halls with your class at 8:30 on our last day!

(Gym Hallway, 3rd Grade stairwell, 4th Grade Hallway, 5th Grade Hallway, 5th Grade Stairwell - one side, 1st grade Hallway). Let's line both sides and cheer on these graduates! We are hoping this tradition grows and becomes an annual event that students and teachers look forward to each year.

Upcoming Events/Meetings...

Tuesday, May 31st - 7:30 AM - "Learning is Our Super Power" Planning Mtg. (Conference Room)

Tuesday, May 31st - NO Staff Meeting; 1st to 2nd Placement (3:15)

Wednesday, June 1st - 3rd to 4th Placement (3:15)

Monday, June 6th - All Grades due by Noon!

Monday, June 6th - Kindergarten Celebration - 5:00

Tuesday, June 7th - Field Day/Cookout

**NO SPECIALS on June 7th...Specials teachers will be helping to set up for Field Day!

**If Raining - Inflatables in Gym (schedule TBD)

Tuesday, June 7th - Staff Meeting Day

PBIS Tier 1 and Tier 2 Teams - Meet in Media Center

PBL Lead Team - Meet in Conference Room

PLC Planning Team - NO MEETING! Thank you for all of your work this year!

Wednesday, June 8th - Family Pool Party - Aquatic Center - 5:00-7:00 PM

Thursday, June 9th - Early Release (Last Day); Graduate Walk (8:30 AM), Assembly at 9:00

Friday, June 10th - AM - Year-End Meeting (Mark your Calendars :))

Interview with Kate DiCamillo about Raymie Nightingale

I am currently reading this amazing! It reminds me of her writing style from Winn Dixie...can so easily connect with intermediate-grade students and their challenges/lives. Love Kate, and I recommend Raymie!

Scholastic News have been ordered for K-4, and two different Scholastic Magazines (Super Science and StoryWorks) for 5th Grade. Thank you to PTO and our Book Fair - these items were FULLY FUNDED!

Project-Based Learning Links - PBL

PBL (Project-Based Learning) Institute - June 16-17

Watertown is hosting the PBL (Project-Based Learning) Institute this summer. Topics will include PBL and STEM/STEAM - with sessions on the elementary level. More elementary schools have recently added to present! Email Lynn Linskens to sign up!

Edutopia: Structuring Collaboration for Student Success

Video - Structuring Collaboration for Student Success...Keys to PBL Series (Video 3)

Emily's Schedule - 5/31-6/3

Announcements - Daily @ 8:05

A FEW informal observations...

Tuesday, 5/31

7:30 - "Learning is Our Super Power!" Theme Meeting (Conference Room)

8:30-11:30 - Cabinet (ESC)

12:20-1:30 IEP (Wallace) - Baxter, Krueger

3:15 - Class Placement (1st to 2nd)

4:00 - Parent Meeting (Kramer-Pein) - Gatzow, Gums, Weddig

4:00-7:00 Watertown Art Walk

Wednesday, 6/1

7:30 - Specials Teachers (Scheduling Meeting)

7:30-10:15 RMS Counselors - 5th Grade Placement Meeting (Conference Room)

10:15 - Crisis Drill (Extruder)

1:00 - Phone Conference (Playworks)

3:15 - Class Placement - 3rd to 4th Grade

5:30 - Budget Presentation (School Board)

Thursday, 6/2

Safety Patrol Trip (5th Grade)

7:20 - Special Ed Team Meeting

10:10-11:40 - 3L

10:30 - Counselor Visit

4:00 - 504 Meeting (Gums/Torgerson)

Friday, 6/3

K to Madison Zoo

5th Grade Promotion Party (Afternoon)

3:30 Parent Meeting (Kennon)