Student Loans

Why you should avoid it

Don't be normal

Student loans are becoming more and more "normal" as the years go on. Little do people know that there are other alternatives than student loans and it is possible to complete college debt free!

The sacrifices-

Students have revealed what has happened to them due to student loans:

"I currently have $112,623 in debt ... I have a second job and work about 80 hours a week... "

"I am deferring most of my $40,000 of loans because I can't pay the bills."

"I have a 30 year old school loan I have been fighting for almost that entire time...I have disputed this debt at every turn and will go to my grave before I pay it."

"My husband I have student loans debt totaling 133,000 and have defaulted on about half... I fell lost int he system and don't know way out. "

What they want you to think

"Investing time and money into a college education can really pay off."

~Regardless of how great of an education you get, it will take quite some time to pay off all of that debt, to the point where it's not worth it. There are other alternatives to paying for college!