Scientific Revolution

Chad R. 2nd Period

What was the change?

They brought a lot of things to our knowledge, but mostly in astronomy. The discoveries made in astronomy led to discoveries in other subjects not too long after they realized that the universe did not revolve around planet Earth.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Galileo, Isaac Newton, Johaanes Kepler, and Copernicus were the biggest people involved in the scientific revolution. They made just about every major discovery that had something to do with astronomy during their time. Isaac Newton did most of his work in physics, including the fact that he defined the true meaning of gravity. The fact that he announced to the world what gravity was and how it affects us and our atmosphere, let alone the universe, astronomy took an even bigger step forward into society.


Did the world change ?

How did the change impact society at the time?

This subject took society by storm! They were arguably the smartest people of their time and they were making discovery after discovery as if they had no time to rest. They unlocked so many secrets about Earth and everything in the depths of space around us which made science an extremely controversial topic. People began attempting to predict what would be discovered next and began to wonder about different things such as life on the moon and on other planets that the moons revolve around, People began to understand that we did not know EVERYTHING about what takes place outside of this planet, but people began to ponder on the possibilities and how life would soon advance here on Earth with our new technology. This took science to a completely different level and everyone wanted to know exactly, would happen next....

How is that change evidenced in modern day society?

The scientific revolution impacted us in many ways. From intellectual change, to modern thoughts. People seem to question so many things that remain unexplained. People in society today believe that everything can be proven and that the answer is always right at our fingertips simply because of the technology we have today, added to the fact the humanity has discovered things about the universe and life on Earth which never seemed to be possible until people began to produce genius theories that seem to be almost precisely correct. They seem to think to themselves, "How is this possible? Well, we should know before long, because our technology is so advanced now-a-days, it would only take about a week of research to find out. Why? Why do people feel as if it takes absolutely not time to research about something and find the answer? It is because of the outcome of the scientific revolution. If it weren't for the discoveries made then, we would not think this way.