That was then this is now

-Friendship- That was then this is now

Friends stick up for each other

-Charlie stuck up for Bryon and Mark

-Mark and Bryon stood up for M and M

My thoughts about sticking up for each other

-Why would be friends with someone that did nor support you?

-I have seen friends stand up for each other in an argument

Doing things together


- Bowing

-Bryon and Mark were drinking and smoking

My thoughts about doing things together

-Playing basketball

-Just hangout

Friendship can end

-Bryon told the police that Mark was selling drugs Mark said were done being friends

My thoughts Friendship can end

- People sometimes choose not to be friends

-I have known friends that stopped being friends because one blame on the other for something

3 facts that i think is a true friends

-A true friend tries his/hers best to cheer you up when your down.

-A true friend sticks with you in good times and bad.

-A true friend can finish you your sentences, but a best friend will do the same but make it sound even better in the process.