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Friday, December 12th

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  • Art Class Registration is Open!
  • Study Hall Change (Again)
  • Thursday Enrichment: Holiday Art
  • Update: Parent Meeting Video

Art Class Registration is Open!

It's time to share the Alliance Academy Art Enrichment schedule for 2015! Mrs. Bowman have over 20 fun and educational art lessons, that take us all the way through June. She's added many new lessons to last year's ideas.

Classes will be on Wednesdays, starting on January 7th. The class for K-3rd Grades will be from 10:30-11:30. And the class for the 4-8th Grades will be from 12:30-1:30. The concept for each class will be the activities will be age appropriate. Parents are welcome to stay!

This Art Curriculum focuses on the "Elements of Art"...Color, Space, Texture, Lines, Shapes, Form, and Value. Mrs. Bowman will help students see connections and application to Science, Math, and Real life.

Please come to as many as you can, as classes have carefully sequenced the lessons to build up to some fun projects. Also, please bring a paint shirt with your name on it!

Class topics include:
1/7 Intro to The Elements of Art/ Create our Art Portfolios
1/14 Color Wheel (primary, secondary, warm, cool)
1/21 Color Prism Water Activity
1/28 Water Color Painting "Resist" with wax
2/4 Shading/ Values/ Painting with black and white
2/11 Sunset and Silhouette painting
2/18 Geometric Star Design, using rulers and graph paper/color
2/25 Drawing & Shading in "3D"
3/4 Perspective, Drawing City Corners with skyscrapers
3/11 Still Life Sketch (I will bring in a wide range of objects to sketch)
3/18 Paper Mâché Animal Sculptures
3/25 No Classes...Spring Break
4/1 Patterns and Designs
4/8 Radial Symmetry, ( Drawing, folding, painting)
4/15 Textures as backgrounds, (wire, foil, screens, rocks, wood)
4/22 Landscapes with mountains, trees, rivers (multimedia)
4/29 Drawing/Sculpting people in Action (bring Action figures or pose able toys)
5/6 Drawing Animals in their habitat
5/13 Sculpting Clay Masks
5/20 Drawing Self Portraits
5/27 Balance/ Creating a Hanging Mobile
6/3 Artists' Showcase...time to be announced.

To sign up for classes, click on the links below. Please note registration is separate for the two classes. The links will also be on our website next week.

Study Hall Change

Study Hall will again be Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3 PM next week. Ms. Emilie will be gone on Friday.

Thursday Enrichment: Holiday Art

On Thursday we will continue finishing our art projects we started this week. Missed last week's class? Don't worry, we made extra! We hope you can join us!

Update: Parent Meeting Video

We are working on making the video of the meeting available... turns out it is hard to get a 55 minute video off of an iPhone. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, the YCIS principal, Mr. Fisher, just shared a great link with parents about how they can help their students prepare for the test. Check it out:

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