By: Annie Dugan

What is drama?

-Drama- a story enacted onstage for an audience.

-The word drama comes from the Greek verb dran, which means "to do".

-The earliest known plays were written around the fifth century B.C, and were often written to honor the God Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.

-Like the plot of a story, a drama also has a plot with an exposition (introduces to us the settings, characters, and period of time), complications (where tensions start to build), conflicts ( where there is a big problem facing the character), climax ( the point of the highest tension), and a resolution (how the story is resovled, or how the problem was fixed).

Different kinds of drama

Tradedy- has a sad flaw, or a personal failing and usually ends to a tragic end.

Comedy- a play that ends hapily, and has humor.

Modern Comedy- usaully has a romantic plot.

Modern Drama- can be anything from tradedy to comedy or even a mixture of both.

Parts to drama that make it up

Stage dirrections- tell where and how to move, used by the actors.

Sound effects- music to help the audience really "see" and understand the plays plot and meaning.

Lighting- used by the dirrector to really set the mood.

Props- used by the actors something they bring on stage to help make the play more real.

Costumes- used to bring the play to life, they can be detailed or simple.

Audience- you need someone to watch all the hard work and dedication you and many others put to make this drama.