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Week 27 February 22nd - 26th

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February 22, 1956

In Montgomery, Alabama, 80 participants in the three-month-old bus boycott voluntarily gave themselves up for arrest after an ultimatum from white city leaders. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were among those arrested. Later in 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court mandated desegregation of the buses.

Weekly Forecast

Monday, February 22 - Advisement: 2nd Block, Girls' LAX vs. Kennesaw Mtn (H)

Tuesday, February 23- Tennis @ Heard, Boys & Girls V Soccer @ Norcross, Boys LAX @ North Cobb, V Baseball @ Lagrange

Wednesday, February 24 -PARENT WORKSHOP: Online Registation, 6-8 p.m., V Baseball vs Northside Columbus (H)

Thursday, February 25 - NHS School Council Meeting, Tennis v. Whitewater, 8th Grade Transition Night (EMS)

Friday, February 26 - Baseball @ Lowndes, Star Student Reception

To Do List

  • Online Registration begins this week. Review Powerpoint and Advisement Agenda. Contact Pam Lewis or Shea Lasiter with questions.

  • Update Windows and complete upgrade to Windows 10. See email from Dr. Puckett or contact Beth Sullivan.

  • Throwback Thursdays: It is time to review in all content areas! Each Thursday spend some time going over prior content covered with students. Remember to use your SGA and EOCT results from last semester when planning. Themes and dress up days will begin in March.

USA Test Prep Informatio
n •www.usatestprep.com

•Click on “Member Login”

•Click on “Create a New Account”

•Student Information

–School ID: <newnan28>

–Student Activation Code: <stu9696>

•Do not post school ID or activation codes on school or personal websites.

  • Click in SLDS: Our goal is 50 page views per month.

  • Remind seniors: Fees are now due.

  • Remind AP students: Payments can be made to Lisa or Pat in the Principal's Office. Remind students who need assistance making payments to speak to Dr. Puckett or Mrs. Hall. Our goal is to ensure that every student who needs to take a test gets to take a test!

  • Future Rockstars of NHS: Send a picture, video, or quote to Dr. Puckett or Ms. Doster of an engaging lesson or activity that works in your classroom! Please include the word "Rockstar" in the subject line.

NHS Rockstars

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Technology Highlight

Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video

TED-Ed videos are geared towards a high school / college audience. The videos are intended for learners; they teach a lesson. It is also a platform for teachers. You can adapt TED-Ed Original Lesson content to create customized lessons to use in your classroom. You can also use the Create a Lesson tool to build your own new lessons with any YouTube video.

Search for the topic you want to teach in the search box. You can watch any video that appears in the search results by clicking on its thumbnail. If you already know a particular video that you want to use, search for its title, url, or YouTube video ID.

Once you have selected the video you want to use for your lesson, click the video’s thumbnail and then click the Launch Lesson Editor button that appears below the video:

You should now see the lesson creator page with the video that you selected. Use this form to add a title and an introductory text. Use the "Think," "Dig Deeper," "Discuss," and "...And Finally" sections to add any questions, information, or discussion topics that you want. If you don’t need any of these sections, either manually exclude them, or simply leave them blank.

Once your customizations are complete, click the Publish button. Your lesson is now ready to be shared!

Reel to Real: The NHS Math Department Shares an Exemplar Lesson

Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)

It's Great to be a Newnan Cougar!

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