The Good,Bad and Ugly

By:Jason 6B

The Good

The good thing about having electronics is that if there is a emergency you can contact

your parents.The second good thing is that if your close friend moved you can text or face time them so you can see them.

The Bad

The bad thing is if you use it too much your vision might get bad for example Clash Of Clans it is a addicting game so you will go on your device a lot to go on that game.Also if you are signing up for something you have to be careful not to give out personal information,it will be bad if you do

The ugly

The ugly thing is that if you get a random message from someone you don't know and it could also be threatening.Also you could get into a fight with your friend or cyberbullied.


Well now you know the good things,bad and ugly things about using a device and i hope you use this information for using a device.