Media Literacy Final Project

By: Tyler Ruff

Internet Privacy

2 advantages of sharing online is that people will see your ad, product, etc. and that you can see what other people think about a product or business you might want. 2 disadvantages are people can hack into your account for things and people can steal your personal information and try to steal your identity.


An example of cyber bullying is people joining a group chat to talk about someone they don't like and look down upon. Cyber bullying escalates when the person being cyber bullied responds to the accusations or threats being made against them. They need to not reply at all or else they will feed the bullies desire to say more. The victim can block that person or they can use the report button against them. The way you de-escalate a situation is to tell someone you trust when it immediately starts to happen.

Persuasive Advertising

Similarities between the photos is that they are trying to use something or someone else to promote their product, such as LeBron or a nice car. Differences is the product they are trying to display. LeBron is trying to promote Nike while the car is trying to promote "Liqui-Molly." The message the advertiser is trying to accomplish is that "Liqui-Molly" is good for your car's engine and that you should be like LeBron and wear Nike apparel. The audience that is being targeted is people who play sports or people who want the best products for their car.
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Body Image and the Media

It is unethical to lie about the size of a person and lie to make the size of people smaller to the world just so your magazine can get sold. Magazine companies just need to tell it like it is and not lie about it. Also, for gender stereotypes, the media today doesn't portray that men have to "man up" and that women need to "act like a lady." Instead they try to make a story about people who cross that line. An example would be Bruce Jenner.

Violence in the Media

The effect of seeing people go through a great obstacle and overcome it quickly just teaches a child that anything is possible. The question, "Do violent video games and movies teach kids to kill" was only asked when psychopathic children actually killed members of their family thinking they would just re-spawn or come back to life. This question only applies to those kinds of children. For every other child, no. The games and movies don't teach them to kill.

For a video I used youtube but it's blocking the video from me so I don't know if it posted.

Violence in the Media: Effects on Children

Media Usage

The hardest thing for me to give up would be my phone would be because I can do everything a laptop or TV can except it's mobile and I can communicate with my friends. Going for a week without my phone is not a big deal. I've done it before when I've been grounded but I didn't go like crazy or anything. If we had to live off the grid or something and go without a phone, I would be able to do that.

Teens do feel pressured to act a certain way online because they want to have the most followers or likes to make them feel and seem cool. I don't feel like there is a difference between how guys and girls present themselves. Girls you would call sluts from the way they present themselves online doesn't differ from the way that guys go take pictures with their shirts off or showing their muscles. Those guys could be labeled as a "tool."