!!!Women in 1920's!!!

By: Destinee Currie

Power of the Women

-Women had many opportunities in the 1920's

-During this time period woman composed 23.6% of the labor force

-After WW1 , more job openings became available, leaving room for the women (examples: teachers,secretaries,nurses,seamstresses.

-Women first started to graduate from colleges in the 1920's but they were only allowed in ''Women's Professions''. (examples: social work, professions within medicine and pediatrics)

-The women in the U.S inspired the matrimonial causes acts, which put into place in the U.K in 1923(in divorce , both people are treated as equals)

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Fashion in 1902's

Fashion was very popular.Dresses in the 1920's exposed 10% of women's skin, but by 1927 25% of the body was left exposed. They had sleevess dresses and hem lines rose from ankle to knee.The traditional 19th century long hair changed into the short, straight , and sleek bob.The bob led to invention of the bobby pins. The bob was controversially enough that a teacher in New York City was ordered to let her hair grow so it wouldn't cause a distraction.
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Dancing in 1920's

Black Bottom 1926, and The Black Bottom Dance
Dancing became popular for women than men in the 1920's.

Role Models

Three main women that were role models during this time were Ellie Ross, Amelia Earhart, and Gertrude Ederle.Ellie was the first woman governor. Amelia was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the english channel.