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If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

This book is the second in the secret series. It's about two kids, Cass and Max-Ernest, who just reached home from a very dangerous mission. They find out that the dead magician is really alive! They are given another mission when they join the terces society. They have to take care of a very important sound prism. Their enimies are searching for the kids to steal the sound prism.

Characters And Setting

Q&A About Characters And Setting

Cass: A girl who is a survivalist, she always carries around her emergency backpack. She is always trying to figure out who her dad was. She and her friend Max-Ernest are chosen to be part of the terces society. She has incredibly large ears which she likes to keep hidden.

Max-Ernest: A boy who loves to tell jokes. They're not really that funny. His parents are divorced so his house it seriously spit in half. He has to do everyhting in twos. Neither parent can cross the other one's side of the house. He is pretty short and gets made fun of and bullied alot.

Main Setting: This book mainly takes place in the Magic Museum and a lake. I think this story takes place in the future.

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